Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Graze Box #20

Hello Everyone!
So today I'm here to share what I recently received in my Graze box which I loved this time round.
  So again I just want to apologise for the quality of the picture as I have no idea what Blogger seems to be doing to my pictures once the post goes live (Hopefully I can sort it out soon!)
  I thought I would share what I got in my Graze box this time round which the first snack was Mince Pie Flapjack which if you know me then you know I love the Graze flapjacks but I have never tried a mince pie as the thought of them just put me off so I'm not sure if I will actually dare try this but I love the fact that they are bringing Christmas related snacks out as it's something different. The next snack was Graze Brownie which is again one of my all time favourites and I can't wait to eat this as it's so delicious and probably one of the best brownie's I've ever tasted I think- Love it! The next snack was Acai & Blueberry Bite which I've never tried this before but you get the Acai bite with blueberry tea but these are the snacks I like to have at work so I'm excited to try it out. The last snack I got from Graze was Jaffa Cake Flapjack again I love flapjacks but jaffa cakes have always been my favourites cakes (Are they classed as cakes?) so this is just a dream snack for me and I love it. Overall this time round the box is a perfect mix for me and I can't wait to eat all the snacks.
Are you subscribed to Graze?

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