Monday, 16 January 2017

Months Of Change!

  Hello Everyone!
  So Monday evening has crept back round so I’m here for another little chat and this time I wanted to talk about fashion as it’s used to be something I adored when I was in high school and recently I’ve got back into it which is such a lovely feeling after forgetting about my passion for a while.
  My personal style is always changing as I don’t think I’ve actually ‘found’ my style yet so it’s an ongoing kind of process which is fine but I’m really wanting to find it soon. My main issue is I’m always more worried about what people have to say with how I’m dressing as I feel they might think I don’t look ‘smart’ or ‘dressy’ which my job consists of smart casual uniform which is fine and I’m happy to wear a blouse with some leggings which I used to love wearing when I was around 15/16 as I loved the ‘dressy’ look and don’t get me wrong I still love dressing like that but I feel more comfortable when I’m in jeans, jumper and some Vans. So I feel in the ongoing months I’m going to be kind of testing my style to see what I like but I’m hoping I kind of find my style soon. As an example I love using backpacks or rucksacks as I just find them a lot easier to carry things around in but I don’t use them as I feel because of my height and build (I’m 5’1 and very petite!) I’ll look like a school kid on their way to school so I never rarely use them but I’m going to change that and actually wear what I want to wear to make me happy! I feel as though my style will change into more casual but I’m hoping I kind of like that style (Hopefully!) I’m exciting to see where my style goes this year!

  Another change recently is my music taste as I used to listen to more bands but kind of lost that last year as I was listening to what was in the charts instead of spending hours finding new bands or artists. The other night I got into bed and decided I would spend the evening on Spotify listening to the bands or artists I used to love and if anything it made me realise how much I love that kind of music and I’ve been hooked ever since which is definitely not a bad thing for me! If you would like me to do a post on my current music favourites then I’m definitely up for doing that. I do want to go to some more concerts this year but that just depends who will be touring near me this year but we will see if anything comes up and I will definitely attend some if I can!

  So this year is by far one of those years where I’m wanting to change a lot of things but that’s simply because I’m wanting to make this year ‘My Year’ and if anything I’m so excited for this year to get going so I can see what opportunities I take on and see how I grow as a person inside and out as last year I would say I grew quite a lot as a person which was a nice thing to see so I’m excited to see what they year has in store but I’m definitely excited to see the changes which take place.
Have a lovely week!

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