Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year New Start!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here again to have a little chat with you about certain things which have happened or will be happening, I feel like these posts just help me keep on track of everything as it’s like a little journal entry each week and I love to read them back.
  So it’s now 2017 and I’m feeling quite motivated this year so far, As in motivated I mean with more than just my blog which is exciting! So I started the year off by deciding I need to drink more water daily as if anything I probably drink a glass a day but that’s about it. So far I’ve had around a litre each day which is definitely an improvement so let’s hope I can stick to it which I’m using an app called “WaterBalance” which is definitely making me stick to drinking more water as I seem to push myself now with me using the app which it’s free from the App Store. I said I wanted to start exercising this year too which by no means am I doing this to lose weight as if anything I need put on weight if I can but I want to tone up so I downloaded another app on my phone called “Seven” which I’ve started paying £3.99 monthly so all the exercises are unlocked but it is a free app and some of the exercises are free which on the app you do a full work out in seven minutes. I work full time so I need something which I can fit in once I’m home so this is perfect but you do twelve exercises which last thirty seconds each with a ten second rest in between and I know I won’t see much of an difference with it only been seven minutes of workout everyday but it’s a start and once I’m ready I will keep adding more time to my workouts so it becomes a longer process but I’m proud to say I’ve stuck to it so far this year (9 days in!).

  Lastly for tonight’s little post I had a little brainstorm with Luke at the beginning of the year as I feel I want to start a career I’m actually interested in which I love my job which I have now but I’ve always wanted to do hairdressing ever since I was at school but I was too shy to go to college or anything like that so I decided this year I’m going to make this happen so my deposit for the course is down and I’m starting it on the 9th February which it’s only one day a week on an evening but I’m so excited! It’s a slow process as I have quite a few courses to do before I will be fully qualified but I’m so excited to start this journey after thinking about it for so long. I probably will then carry on to the beauty side of things but for now hairdressing is my main goal – My family have been so supportive with my choice to start this journey and Luke has been my little sidekick taking away all my worries but I will definitely keep my blog updated with how the course is going once I start it… This year I said I wanted to do everything and anything I put my mind to so this is the start and I’m so excited for this year! I’ve held back from doing a lot of things because of how shy I used to be and my anxiety kept me from doing certain things but this year I’m going to push through and say ‘yes’ to as many opportunities as I can!

Have a lovely week!

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