Monday, 2 January 2017

Routine Starts Again!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday evening and it's now 2017 so Happy New Year! Let's kick the New Year off with my Monday evening post so let's get straight into it.
  So I had a lovely relaxing Christmas day as I spent it opening the presents and then just relaxed for the day which was lovely. I had quite a few days off and spent them spoiling myself and just catching up with everything as I want to start the New Year on a high and be in front with everything. I got a lot of photo's taken for my blog over these few days which is good and I also scheduled quite a few posts which means I'm more in front than I have been for a few months now. So I treated myself to some clothes in the New Look sale and I picked up two bags from Select which I don't feel like I've properly treated myself in months so it was nice to actually go pick myself some new stuff up. I got my lights set up on my wall in my bedroom which Luke kindly did for me- They look so better than I expected and I love them. I did say I want to start YouTube this year so I'm slowly picking stuff up to get me started and the only thing I need now is my studio lights which I will hopefully buy when I get paid in January. Whilst I had time off I spent most of my evenings catching up on YouTube, Reading my book or blog stuff which I couldn't think of any better ways to spend my evening. As I'm typing this I'm at home in my robe after going to the hairdressers to get my hair cut. I'll be heading out in a few hours to see Luke which I'm excited for but if anything I just can't be bothered. When this gets posted I'll be back to work on Tuesday and I'm excited to go back but could happily have some more time off but this is when the routine starts again and I get back into everything and that's when I'm most happiest as I have a routine so I know whats happening each day and I know what needs sorting so it's a New Year let's start reaching our goals... One at a time!
Have a lovely week!

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