Friday, 27 January 2017

Two Products Which Have Made My Skin So Clear

Hello Everyone,
  So today I thought I would share two products which have helped my skin clear in the last few months- They are so inexpensive too.
    So I was in need of some new face washes as I had run out of my old ones so I decided to try some new ones as I didn't really see a difference to my skin from using them so I went on the hunt round Tesco and found these two face washes. I think the packaging was what caught my eye as it was bright orange and at the time my skin was quite dry and these were brightening face washes and I just felt like they might bring my skin back to life and I was so right! These were around £2 each I'm sure or just over but I know they were so expensive and for the quality it's so worth it.
  So the first face wash I picked up was the brightening face scrub which I apply this to my face once I've taken my make-up off to get into my pores and make sure all the make-up is off. So it's a thick liquid which is actually orange which has little beads which help scrub your face which once I've taken this off my face it's so soft and feels so lovely and clean. The only thing I hate about this product is the packaging as it's fine when it's in the bath but when I have it in the shower I'm sure it takes half of the shower water into the base of it so when you lift it out it just releases water all over the floor so now I know now to always empty it before I get out of the shower which it is a pain but it's nothing major but apart from that I really do like the face scrub and it's results as my skin looks a lot more brighter and healthier since I have started using these products so I'm loving this.
  The other face wash is the brightening foaming face wash which I apply after the face scrub and this is more of a final wash to make sure all the make-up is off my face but I love how this feels as it just feels so relaxing to apply this after the face scrub as I know the face wash is getting into my pores and everything so it just feels so refreshing on my face. I prefer this packaging as I just prefer the pump option rather than having to get it from the bottle. Again it's a lovely orange colour for the packaging but the foam is just plain white so that was a little disappointing. So the formula of both face washes have pomegranate in it so it smells so lovely but both products just make my skin feel so smooth and I know my face is clean once I've cleaned my face with both face washes.
  So I would definitely recommend these for people with dry skin but I have oily skin and these work perfectly for me so any skin type would be able to use these. As I said they are so inexpensive so even if they don't work for you, You haven't spent too much but I definitely recommend them both.
Have you tried these? 

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