Monday, 13 February 2017

A New Adventure!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to have a little chat as always and I just love starting the new week off with a little ramble- Let’s get into it.
  So about two weeks ago I decided to pick up some studio lights as I knew they would help my blog photo’s on an evening after work if I was busy on a weekend but I’ve always wanted to start a YouTube channel, I would honestly say I watch more YouTube than I do TV. I just never thought I would start YouTube as I’m quite shy so when it comes to me talking to a camera it kind of freaks me out a little but I decided to give it a go. So on Saturday not last weekend but the weekend before I actually decided to set all the lights up and my tripod (Luke’s help of course!) and actually film a video now don’t get me wrong I only filmed about a 17 second video just explaining my channel and things like that but it didn’t go that bad and if I’m honest I was actually quite proud of myself for actually doing it this time round, I edited the video and got it uploaded within that day and felt quite happy with myself to say I actually filmed a YouTube video. So Sunday came around and I decided to give filming a go and actually film the “25 Facts About Me” video which I thought was a good first video. So again I set up and started filming which this one was a little harder and I did get quite annoyed but again I was proud to say I actually sat and filmed a full video and again in that day I edited the video which it didn’t turn out as bad as I expected – I’m slowly getting there.

  I know that filming will actually take me a while to get used to so I don’t have a panic attack when I press the record button but if anything I’m actually enjoying filming and being creative with the editing.  I know it will take me a long while before my videos are anywhere near the quality of the girls I watch on YouTube but I’m trying my hardest to not actually compare myself to others and just enjoy my YouTube channel. I have most of the equipment which I need for filming like my studio lights, camera and tripod but I’ve ordered a remote for my camera so I don’t need to actually get up to press record etc it will just make it much easier. I’m thinking of ordering a microphone for my camera and also a microphone for my like voice overs and things like that but I’ll get those in the next few weeks. So I’m actually editing on my Ipad which I find quite easy and I’m using Imovie to edit which it’s quite straight forward but it’s also quite basic in my opinion for the things you can actually do on it. I’m also having an issue actually getting the footage to upload in 1080 so if you know how to do that then please do let me know! I just know that now I need to be a bit more active in social media and on YouTube so I’m going to start doing that but I’m not really doing it for the subscriber count or anything like that I’m just wanting to do it as it’s always been something I wanted to do for years and was always too shy to actually do it so let’s hope this time it works!

  I’ve decided to just filming once a week for now and only uploading once a week so it gives me time to sit and edit the video properly and actually get it exactly how I want it. I just don’t want to put too much pressure on myself for now but I definitely feel like I will upload a lot more frequently when I get used to filming and editing properly but it’s another goal of mine completed and I feel so proud of myself for actually doing it  - I obviously treated myself! But yes I will be uploading once a week and if you have any video ideas please do leave them below for me, I’m really hoping I get my confidence and actually stick to it but I will leave my link for YouTube below so you can check it out!
Have a lovely week!

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