Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Current Music Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I’d do something a little different on my blog and tell you my current music favourites which I’m so excited to share, I think I might start doing this monthly so I can always go back and see what music I was loving in that month, Let me know if that’s a good idea?
  So recently I’ve been spending most of my evenings listening to music whilst I get on with my to-do lists which I used to do all the time but kind of stopped until recently and I’ve loved it, I’m going to share albums, single songs and playlists which I’ve been loving.

  The Morning- Lewis Watson: Lewis Watson has always been one of my favourite male artists and this album holds a special part with me as it was the first album I properly listened to which made me love every song but it was also the first concert I went to and loved it.
  Back From The Edge – James Arthur: I’ve always loved James Arthur since he was on X Factor but this album is just perfection for me and I listen to it all the time and love it more and more each time I actually listen to it, I do want to actually sit and properly listen to the album when I get chance.
  Stars Dance – Selena Gomez: This is such an old album but when I get a bit fed up I just listen to this album as it always lifts my spirits so it’s always my go-to album when I’m needing a pick me up.
  Illuminate – Shawn Mendes: Shawn Mendes is a new discovery for me as I just never listened to his music before but I’m really starting to love him and this album is just such a good album to listen to.
  5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer: Again this is an old album but it’s one which just makes me smile when I listen to it as I went to see them live a few times last year and the year before so when I listen to this album I just remember been at the concerts.

  Starving – Hailee Steinfield: This song came out a while ago now but I always love listening to it on a morning as I just sing along to it and it puts me in such a good mood.
  Paris – Chainsmokers: This is a recent discovery and I think it’s only recently come out but I honestly love most songs which Chainsmokers bring out but I just really love this song.
  Now or Later – Sage the Gemini: I found this song on a YouTube advert and I just immediately liked the song and it’s been repeat for the last few days and again it just perks me up in the morning.
  Fresh Eyes – Andy Grammer: This song was on a recent YouTube video I watched and the song is such a chilled upbeat song which I just love these kind of songs with that vibe.
  LUV – Tory Lanez: This song Luke actually made me listen to and I honestly thought I’d hate it but he surprised me with actually a good song so this has also been on repeat.

  Chilled Pop Songs – I found this the other night when I wanted something nice to listen to whilst I was doing some blog stuff in the evening after work and this was perfect, It has a mixture of songs which I like so I’ve had this playing each time I do some blog stuff which makes me more relaxed.
  UK House Music – I’m not going to lie I hated house music a few years ago but Luke kind of brought me round as he used to play it all the time but I have to say I really enjoy listening to this playlist.
  Mood Booster – This month I’ve been really bad with my moods which I just think it’s because I’ve been quite stressed recently so I’ve needed something to cheer me up after work and this playlist has just done the thing so I always listen to this straight after work and I’m always in a better mood.
  This is: Ed Sheeran – So I found this playlist when I was listening to Ed Sheeran and it’s such a good playlist as it has most of his songs on there so I have this playing when I just want to relax in the evening before I get into bed.
  This Is House – Again another house playlist but I just really enjoy listening to these playlists, I have to say this playlist has most of the songs from the other playlist but this one has more remixes on which I like to listen to.
What’s your current music favourites?

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