Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So today I’m going to be sharing my February goals and talk about how well I did in January which I have to say I’m actually quite proud of myself this year so let’s get into them.
  So I’ll start this post as usual talking about how I did with last month’s goals so in January it wasn’t the best month for me but looking back at the goals I set for myself I actually think I did pretty well so that’s a good perk. You can see my January goals HERE – In the month of January I was just emotional and physically drained I think with it been the new year I just expected so much of myself and ended up burning myself out, I feel much better now though. I planned to get more organised in January and well I succeeded and I keep the A5 planner in my bag everyday so I can keep on top of everything and I’m really enjoying getting back into a routine. I said I wanted to start YouTube in January which I set my channel up and everything like that and I purchased my lights and sorted my background out so I’m half way there and feel by next month it should be in full swing hopefully. Another goal was to keep blogging which I stuck to and if anything I feel so motivated for this year with my blog so I definitely kept up with that one, I said I wanted to save in January to start the deposit for a house which I put money into my savings so again it’s a start but this one will just be a continuous one for the full year onwards but it’s a start. The last goal for January was to forget 2016 and look forward to the New Year and if anything I’m just so excited for this year – I successfully stuck to my goals for January and I couldn’t be prouder of myself! Here’s to February goals;

  Hairdressing Course – I put the deposit down in January for my hairdressing course and it starts in February so my goal is to just attend each week and see if I actually enjoy it, I’m actually looking forward to doing the course and it’s on a Thursday evening so I’m not missing work or anything like that which is good, My mum is also doing the course with me so I can’t wait!
  YouTube – So I now have my studio lights and my background all set up, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself but I’m really hoping I can at least attempt to record a video as that will be a start to this new journey and I just feel like I need to get my confidence in front of the camera.
  Relax More – So last month I felt drained and exhausted and this month I’ve added some time into my schedule to actually just relax for the evening which could be starting a new Netflix series, having a lovely bath, reading a new book or catching up on YouTube, I just feel as though I need that little bit of ‘Me’ time so I can actually relax and recharge my batteries which I don’t do very often.
  Treat Myself – So January was a tough month when it came to money as the month seemed to dragged on and felt like I didn’t get paid for so long but this month I feel like I need a little pick me up so I’m going to treat myself to a few things which I have wanted for a while.
  1 Second Video App – So in February I want to buy an app called 1secondeveryday as you take a one second video every day for a year and it then shows you a full video of your year which I just think is such a lovely idea and I kind of wish I would of known about this in January so I could of started it at the beginning of the year but I will start in February and finish it in February 2018.
What’s your goals for February?


  1. This is such a great idea to make sure that you hold yourself accountable to stick to your goals. Great work, keep it up :) If you need any support, you can come to me :)

    1. Thank you so much! I do it that way so I know I will actually stick to the goals:) That's so lovely thankyou!xo