Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Graze Box #21

Hello Everyone!
  So today I’m going to be sharing my last Graze box for a while as I’ve decided to cancel my subscription as I’m wanting to stop spending my money on things I don’t necessarily need which I have a stash of Graze snacks so I don’t need to keep getting a box every fortnight.
  So as I said this is my last box which I was still subscribed to the ‘Bakery Box’ and I really did enjoy this box as I’m a sucker for sweet things so this was perfect for me so let’s get into what I got;
  Chia Coconut Cookie and Teabag – So I got this in another box and loved it, I’ve said before but I love anything coconut so this is lovely for me and I really like the idea of having a biscuit rather than a cake so I really like this snack and the teabag is a lovely extra.
  Original Protein Flapjack – I love Graze’s flapjacks but this isn’t one which I love so if I’m honest I probably won’t eat this one but it’s just a normal flapjack with protein added in for you which  I won’t say it’s horrible but it’s just not for me so I’ll give this one a miss.
  Cocoa & Orange Bite and Green Tea – So this one I love, I love anything chocolate orange too which you can tell I definitely have a sweet tooth but I was so excited to try this as it intrigued me. It’s a cocoa base with protein as it’s a super snack so the protein is for healthy muscles and bones. The orange comes from the orange parts on the top which I have no idea what they actually are but the texture reminds me of the popping candy? But I just really like this snack and the green tea complements it perfectly.
  Cocoa & Vanilla protein flapjack – As for this flapjack also been protein based I actually really like this as the cocoa and vanilla complement each other really well and it’s definitely a more filling snack for me anyway but I do really like this flapjack.
I will miss the Graze snacks but for now I don’t really need another subscription box but hopefully I will start it up again soon but in the meantime I will eat my Graze stash which I’m so excited to get on top of!
Are you subscribed to Graze?

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