Monday, 20 February 2017

I'm So Content!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here again for my weekly chat which I always love reading these back so I definitely feel like these will be a constant post on my blog- Hope you don’t mind!
  So recently I’ve been feeling a lot more myself which I kind of lost towards the end of last year which was very strange for me. This year I said I needed to be a bit more organised and sorted which I feel like I’m doing quite well as I started my journal again which I write in every night before I go to bed. I carry a diary around with me now but I still can’t decide if I prefer my A5 Filofax diary or if a plain simple 2017 diary from Tesco works for me so this is something I need to figure out so I don’t keep switching between the two. I’ve decided that starting from this month’s pay I’m going to start putting money away as I want to treat myself to something for my 21st birthday which is coming up in June this year which I’ve seen quite a few things on the Louis Vuitton website so I think I’ll definitely need to start saving now but there’s no rush to get anything bought but I’m looking forward to the feeling when I have the money together and I can buy things I’ve been lusting over for years – I can’t wait! I’ve been putting myself first this month too which is something I stopped doing towards the end of last year as it seemed to affect my friendships and things like that but I know I need to put myself first and I feel so much better for it so I will definitely keep putting myself first.

  Recently I’ve kind of realised I’m not like most people who like to go out every weekend and stuff like that I much prefer to be in typing up blog posts, Watching YouTube videos or even making them now (Still new to the whole process but really enjoying it!) I prefer running myself a Lush bath and spending hours in there listening to music or reading my book I’m just someone who enjoys their own company and space. I mean don’t get me wrong I love spending time with others like my mum, dad, little brother or Luke but I also love my time because I can just please myself and do what I want to do. I mean the small pleasures I enjoy throughout the month is treating myself to a new handbag or a new pair of Pj’s and a tub of hot chocolate rather than wasting my money or alcohol I just feel like I’m the only person like that who’s my age… If you also enjoy the small things like me then please let me know?

  I’ll stop my rambling now but I just wanted to say how happy I am at the moment and how content I am for actually been the person I am as I kind of doubted myself at the end of last year as I didn’t have a massive friend group or I wasn’t out every weekend and I thought there was something wrong with me but I’ve realised it’s just the person I am and if anything I kind of like the person I am.
Have a lovely week!

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