Friday, 3 February 2017

January Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So today I’m going to be sharing the things I’ve been loving in the month of January, I have to say this month has been a tough one but February has some exciting things going on so I’m excited. Let’s get into the things I loved in January; (Possibly grab a cup of tea and a snack it may be a long one!)
  So as for January overall it was a good start to the year, I booked some opportunities which are starting in February and I treated myself towards the end of the month when I got paid. I was horrendously low on money coming into January with Christmas etc but I still made my to-buy list ready for pay day (No shame!) My anxiety got the better of me this month but I got back up and carried on as I normally do but I enjoyed all the little things of this month which made it worthwhile.
  So I kept my face favourites to a minimum as I didn’t really change much this month for make-up as I was kind of into clothes more than make-up this month but I did fall in love with these two products.
  Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation – So this foundation has been in my stash for some time now and I kind of forgot how much I loved this foundation, so the formula is made to correct your face to get rid of any imperfections by using 3 correcting pigments. Yellow for anti-dark circles, Mauve for anti-dull complexion and Green for Ant-redness which I have to say when I apply this foundation my skin dramatically changes and it creates the perfect base to start my make-up- I love it!
  Make-up Revolution Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights – I picked this up after Christmas as I have always wanted to try this highlighter and I wasn’t disappointed, the packaging is quite basic but I actually prefer it that way as the product speaks for itself. The highlighter gives such a perfect glow to my skin and I am quiet pale so if you’re also very pale it’s such a lovely shade which compliments the skin.
  I found some products in my stash this month which I forgot I actually had in my collection so it was a lovely surprise to find these when I was sorting through my make-up.
  Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette – I bought this so long ago and kind of fell out of love with it but I honestly can’t understand why as it’s such a lovely palette, The middle contour shade is perfect for contouring and I actually love most of the highlighting shades- Such a lovely palette.
  The Balm Fratboy Blush – So I bought this blusher from Depop ages ago and kind of forgot about it, I used it again a few times and fell back in love with it. I just love the packaging and the shade of the blush just gives me the perfect flush to my cheeks.
  I changed my room around a little and sorted through my perfumes but I just fell in love with the products I actually got for Christmas from Luke and one I purchased for myself.
  Avon Percieve Perfume – I bought myself this just before Christmas with my last Avon order because the bottle looked so stunning but I actually fell in love with the scent and I’ve used it every day throughout January so it was definitely such a good buy.
  Soap & Glory Mist You Madly – I got the Soap & Glory body sprays for Christmas from Luke and I’ve fallen in love with the scent mist you madly so it’s in my handbag to top up throughout the day I just really like the scents of them, I’m late to the party but I honestly love these.
I pretty much stuck to the same lip products for the full month of January but I just loved the shade.
  Nivea Watermelon Lip Balm – My lips get so dry over the winter months so I always need to apply a lip balm so I decided to try the watermelon one which has a slight tint and I honestly really like it.
  Avon Colour Trend Lipstick in Berry Love – I bought this from Avon a while ago and kind of forgot about the shade but it’s such a lovely deep berry shade and it just compliments the gold eye looks I’ve been going for this month.
  Touch - Little Mix : I've always been a fan of Little Mix but I really enjoy listening to this song and it just puts me in a good mood which is always nice.
  Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran : Like everyone I adore both songs from Ed Sheeran which he released but this one is more my kind of music and I always have a smile when I listen to this.
  5 Seconds Of Summer Album : I re-found my love for 5 Seconds of Summer this month and loved every minute of it, I've been to see them three times and every time I listen to the album it reminds me of seeing them live and it always makes me smile as they are amazing live!
TV Shows/Films-
  Dreamworks Troll Hunters - So this is a TV series on Netflix which Luke said we should start watching which I didn't think I'd like it as it was a cartoon series about trollhunters but I adored it and we've finished it within the month and I feel so lost now we'e finished it.
  Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - So me and Luke had wanted to watch this for ages so we decided to watch it one Saturday night and I loved it, I love anything with Zac Efron in but this film was just funny I was laughing the whole way through I'd definitely recommend it.
What's your favourites for January?


  1. A lovely saturday morning read for me, whilst over a cup of tea and my breakfast! For one that highlighter sounds good- I really want to get into it, so may give it a try. I also liked the sound of the foundation! I'm having real problems with dry lips at the moment and nivea isn't working for me though (the hunt for a heoric lip balm continues). This month I have been loving my dressing gown and Stila eyeliner... in a nutshell! Lydia Eve | xx

    1. Aww that's so lovely thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really recommend the highlighter as it's only cheap so if you don't like it I guess you haven't lost out on much money and the foundation is still my favourite and we're nearly half way through February! If Nivea isn't working I really recommend maybe Carmex? Sounds like the perfect month I love my dressing gown!
      Meg xo