Friday, 17 February 2017

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask - Review

Hello Everyone!
So today I thought I would share a product I’ve recently been loving to use whilst having a long soak in the bath.
  So Luke kindly picked up two of the new L’Oreal face masks for me for Christmas as I had been complaining about my skin and how I wanted some kind of face mask to use in the bath each week when I have a pamper which I had completely forgot about these until we were walking round Boots and Luke picked them up and asked if they would be good enough, Which I have oily/combination skin so I decided to get two of the masks to help my skin which I will review the other one in another post once I have tested it properly. So I apply these on a Sunday when I have my pamper evening as I like to have a nice soak in the bath and feel like my skin always needs a good refresh after the working week.
  So this is the Pure Clay Detox Mask which I feel like clay is always used for oily skin but I always have good results when I use any kind of skin care which has clay involved in it somewhere so I knew I would love this but let’s start with the packaging so it’s lovely and sleek as the green plastic top looks very expensive in my opinion and then it’s a clear glass container which to me just makes it look sleek and attractive and the white writing adds the perfect touch to the packaging. So it’s a 50ml container which they suggest you will get 10 applications but I feel you can definitely get more out of it than just 10 uses so I’d ignore that if you’re thinking of purchasing it. So when you take off the lid you come to a little plastic stopper which just keeps everything tidy which I like. I have to say you get a lot of product in the container so it’s definitely worth the money which in Boots it was around £7.99 so it’s definitely worth the money I think. L’Oreal claim this mask will detoxifies and clarifies the skin so I was excited to give this a try. I cleansed my face and made sure it was completely dry before I applied this as I wanted to see how it applied to the skin so I put dots around my face and started to rub in circular motions (We all know how to apply a face mask… I think) but I have to say the formula just became very thin so I did have to keep applying it to my face until it was evenly covered with the mask which it was a lovely clay mask once it was applied. I left it on around 10-15 minutes until it had changed from a black colour to a matte grey and became very tight on the skin. I just took it off with warm water and my face felt so clean and smooth once it was removed.

  So I’ve used the mask for a couple of weeks now only once a week but I’ve definitely seen improvements in my skin as it’s not as oily anymore which is great but also when I apply this it just feels like part of my pamper routine and I always feel so much better once I’ve used it. So I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone with oily skin but to anyone who wants to add a mask into their skincare routine I just feel like you get so much product which you definitely won’t use all the product within 10 uses so it will definitely last a lot longer. It is a little pricey for what the product is but I feel like making a little spurge on skincare is the right way to go to actually see results to your skin – I honestly can’t get enough of this face mask!
Have you tried the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask?

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