Friday, 24 February 2017

L'Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask - Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share with you my review on the other L’Oreal mask I got for Christmas from Luke as I’ve now trialled this one too and finally have my opinion on this mask.
  So as I’ve said before I have oily skin so I like to stick to skincare which I know will help the oils in my skin and I’ve never really bought masks but I asked Luke if I can have two of the L’Oreal ones for Christmas as I had seen so many good reviews about these so I wanted to try them for myself and well I was a little disappointed with this one but I adored the detox mask so I guess this just wasn’t for my skin but I will give my full thoughts in case you may be thinking of picking this one up.
  So I tried the detox one first as I kind of wanted that one to work for my skin which I ended up loving it which I have a review of that on my blog if you want to see what I think of it, But this one I didn’t know if it would actually work for my skin but decided to give it a go anyway and well I’m not too keen on it, I apply a face mask to my skin on a Sunday whilst I have a nice Lush bath and a nice pamper evening so my skin always needs a good pamper on a Sunday as I’ve had make-up on my skin all week which I obviously cleanse my face every day after work but I like to do a bit more to it on a Sunday. So I applied this which I have to say the consistency was a lot thinner than the detox one so it took me a few tries before it was actually on my face which was kind of annoying and will mean you will definitely use a lot more for each time you use it but I guess that’s the whole point of using a product. I didn’t feel like this actually did anything on my skin which I normally leave it on around 15-20 minutes whilst I’m having a relax in the bath but I just didn’t see any difference with the mask as time passed. The detox mask dried so you actually saw the difference but this definitely didn’t dry or anything like that so when I applied water to wash it off I was just washing the product off without any difference to consistency. Once I had washed it fully off I honestly did not see a difference in my skin at all and I just didn’t feel a difference either so I just think this wasn’t for my skin but I’m definitely glad I gave it a go but I think I will definitely stick to detox mask. As for packaging I just love the L’Oreal masks packaging as the glass container and the green and white packaging is lovely and really compliments the product perfectly plus it looks amazing for pictures (Instagram of course!) I would recommend this product if you don’t have oily skin but for me it just didn’t make any difference but I mean if you have oily skin you could still give this a go as everyone has different skin so just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work on your skin.
Have you tried the Purity mask?

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