Friday, 10 February 2017

Sleek Highlighting Palette - First Impression

  Hello Everyone!
  So today I’m here for another first impression post on something Luke picked me up for Christmas and I recently finally got round to trailing it out to see what I thought of it.
  So I’ve loved Sleek’s highlighting palette’s since they came out as I literally ran to my local Tesco to pick up the Sleek highlight palette in Solstice as I knew they had it in stock after waiting and stalking online to see where I could buy it from and I’ve always wanted to pick up the other shades but just never got round to it. Whilst me and Luke were Christmas shopping we went into Boots and Luke kind of took me to the Sleek part and told me to pick one up as he knew I’d wanted a new one for a while which was so thoughtful of him and I decided on the shade Cleopatra’s Kiss which I’ve not seen anyone talk about or maybe I’ve missed it but it’s so stunning and I’m glad I picked this one up.
  So I wasn’t really a big fan of highlight last year as I just didn’t really get the hype of it all but the last few months of the year I had picked up a few good ones including the Sleek Solstice palette and loved the whole look of highlight so I kind of came round to the idea of it. This palette is the same layout of the others having two powder highlights and two cream highlights which I love having both options so you can pick which I normally apply a cream highlight then go over with a powder one as I just feel for my face it makes the highlight more noticeable on the skin. The packaging is one of the reasons I love Sleek as it’s so sleek and pleasing to the eye and makes photographing it perfect! The big mirror in the palette is also a bonus as it makes it perfect if you wanted to carry it around in your bag. You also get a small brush but I don’t really use this as I prefer to use a fan brush for my highlight but if I was carrying the palette around in my bag then I wouldn’t have an issue using the brush rather than carrying another one in my bag just to apply the highlight so overall I do think it’s the perfect palette for on the go or just to keep in your make-up collection which I normally do as I kind of treat them like my baby so they don’t get smashed or anything like that.

  Onto the actual highlight shades, the full palette is definitely up my street as its all golds and nice champagne shades which I love using for highlights. So the two cream shades one is a nice pink champagne shade called ‘Delta’ which I love to use this before I actually apply the powder shade over the top this is by far my favourite shade in the palette. The next cream shade is a more muted gold shade called ‘Dynasty’ which is a beautiful shade but I don’t tend to reach for this too much but I might keep trying to use this as it is beautiful. The powder highlights are my favourite things in these palettes and these did not disappoint either. The first one is in the shade ‘Sphinx’ which is the gold shimmer highlight which is absolutely stunning to the eye but looks even more beautiful on the skin. The last shade in the palette is called ‘Goddess’ and this is by far my favourite shade in the palette is a shimmery rose gold shade in my opinion and looks so stunning against my pale skin, I just couldn’t help but fall in love with this shade when I opened the palette on Christmas day. All the shades in the palette are so pigmented which is why I love using these palettes. 

  There’s not much more I need to say about these palette’s as I know most Bloggers or Youtubers love these palettes and I definitely know why as I just love how inexpensive they are for £10 and how good quality the highlights actually are, The packaging is so stunning and like I said the palette is perfect for on the go with the mirror and brush. If you haven’t given these a go I really do recommend these palettes even if you are just starting out with highlighter you won’t be disappointed at all.
Have you tried the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss?

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