Sunday, 26 February 2017

Weekly Summary #85

(Weekly Summary 20/02-26/02)

  Monday- I woke up at half six and woke Luke up so he could start getting ready for work. I made myself a cup of tea before heading back upstairs to make the bed whilst Luke was getting ready. We sat and chatted for a bit before Luke headed off to work. I got ready whilst watching YouTube videos and we headed to work. Work wasn’t too stressful today but my boss is off on holiday for two weeks so I needed to fully know what I needed to do for the next two weeks so the day flew. Once it was home time I decided to just chill out tonight as I feel like I’m coming down with a cold so I wanted to relax which I just got into my pj’s and got the Ipad to watch some YouTube videos on. Once Luke was home we had tea then headed up to bed to just watch TV for the rest of the evening but Luke must have been shattered as he drifted straight off to sleep when we got into bed.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and got up but Luke was off today so I just decided to start getting ready whilst watching some YouTube videos. I was ready quite early today so whilst I was downstairs waiting to head off to work I edited my video for Friday which I found out I deleted a clip for the video so oops! I headed to work and today it was a lot busier than Monday but I always expect it to be busy on a Tuesday as we have a full office but the day flew again and it was soon home time. After work when I got home I did my lunch for work and sorted my clothes out before I changed my bag and had tea which was chilli and rice which was lovely and definitely helped my cold. Me and Luke were trying to do a bit of DIY on Rocky’s cage as I wanted him to go on the bottom shelf of our like cabinet we made so I can get to him easier but we needed to make something to make sure none of the other pets could get to him so I sorted that which it works perfectly and then I caught up on YouTube. Me and Luke decided to start Shameless from the beginning as we watched it when it first started and I really fancied watching it again so once we watched some episodes we headed to sleep.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six and did the same routine as yesterday as it just makes me ready a lot earlier so I can sit and relax before I head to work. I watched YouTube videos whilst I got ready and decided to do my hair a little different so my hair is getting quite longer now so I attempted to put my hair in a clip and it worked so well which is definitely an achievement for me. This morning whilst I waited to head off to work I just caught up on social media. Work wasn’t too bad today it was my boss’s last day so again I was just making sure I knew what I was doing and then for the rest of the afternoon I was just sorting through my stuff ready for the rest of the week. After work I did my lunch for work and sorted my clothes before I had my tea which was lovely. Once Luke got in we moved the bedroom round a little bit but then we decided to watch the Brits together and I got a quick shower. Once the Brits had finished we got into bed and cuddled for a while until we went to sleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and for some reason I felt shattered this morning but I got up and started getting ready whilst I watched YouTube videos. I was ready a little later today as with the weather I had to change my outfit which was a pain but I also changed my bag to my smaller backpack which is a nice change. Work was so quiet today as not many people was in so it was a nice day to get stuff done and just have a nice relaxing day but my cold is getting a little better so I didn’t feel too bad. Once I was home I got changed and did my lunch for work before quickly having my tea as it was the hairdressing course tonight – Week 3! And if anything I was quite excited as we were doing layers which was different. After the course we headed home and I made myself a cup of tea before I got into my pj’s and cleansed my face before I got into bed with Luke and we watched some more Shameless before cuddling and falling asleep.

  Friday- I woke up at half six today and I got ready on the floor watching YouTube whilst Luke was still sleeping as this was his last day off work. Work wasn't too hectic today but the morning I just spent it getting everything sorted for the next week, I had a cheese and ham toastie for lunch which was so lovely! I had to cover reception for a little while in the afternoon which it wasn't too busy which was good but I headed back up to finish my work and the afternoon just started to drag which always happens on a Friday afternoon! After work I got home and Luke was still home so he gave me some cuddles before he headed out. I got a shower and changed my bag before sorting my stuff out ready for tomorrow. I watched some YouTube videos until Luke came home. Once he was home we had some food before heading to bed to watch TV until we fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at seven to Luke cuddling me which we were both getting up at seven so I got up and made us both a hot drink and I got some breakfast. I ate my breakfast before I started doing my make-up and started getting ready. Luke was going to a bike trail today and I was off shopping with my mum. Me and my mum went to White Rose which is like a shopping centre which we went into Primark and I bought a little too much before we had our snack which we both decided on a jacket potato which it was lovely. I headed to a local little shop which basically does bath bombs and stuff like that so I picked up a few bits before we headed home. Me, my mum and little brother went to get something to eat which we went round one of the food shops to get some stuff so I picked up a few bits. We came back and I got into my new pj's, I took my make-up off and cleaned my bedroom. I changed my bag to my new one and then headed down to spend some time with my mum to watch TV with a cup of tea. Once Luke was home we just spent the rest of the evening watching TV which was nice.

  Sunday- I woke up at half nine which it was nice to have a sleep in so I just made my breakfast and came back to bed to have it in bed. Once Luke was awake we spent the morning watching some YouTube videos which was nice. I cleaned the bedroom and ironed my clothes for work. I did mine and Luke's lunch for work as he was back this week. I had my lunch before I ran myself a lovely bath using one of the bath bombs I bought last week and I loved it. I caught up on YouTube for a bit before I watched the new Bridget Jones film which I wasn't looking forward to it but I actually enjoyed it. I had a snack with a cup of tea before I just relaxed for the rest of the evening.
How was your week?

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