Monday, 27 February 2017

What A Lovely Week!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here for my weekly chat and if anything I honestly love doing these posts on my blog as I just love having a little chat and when I type these posts up I always make myself a cup of tea to feel like I’m actually sat here having a chat with a friend.
  This week I thought I would just type up a long ramble of how lovely my week was last week as it honestly has been one of the best weeks for a while, Work has been horrendously busy since Christmas but this week everything just fell into place and I got stuff done but I feel like I’m understanding it all a bit more which is nice. My boss is probably one of the nicest people I know but he was going on holiday last week so technically I’m my own boss for two weeks which is always nice but I’m quite organised so I know I will keep on top of everything. Last week was pay week and I’ve never needed it so much in my life- I panic a lot when it comes to money as I have so much I want to do like saving for a house deposit, Monthly bills and then also a few little treats throughout the month and my money just isn’t stretching like it used it simply because I have a lot more ‘Adult’ bills now but my god I stress so bad when it comes to my monthly wage but this month I had planned to do a shopping trip with my mum which we don’t do very often so I decided to treat myself to a few things I wanted from a few shops which was nice – Primark, Lush and a few more.

  As my for myself last week I just felt so happy and content which is always a nice feeling and I honestly have no idea why but I just felt happy which I haven’t for a while if I’m honest. Brits was last week and it’s something I watch every year and love the whole experience of watching it with a cup of tea and the 1975 preformed who I love and Ed Sheeran preformed too so I loved it. I kind of felt happy to an extent as my bedroom just felt so cosy and relaxing each night as once I was home from work and done everything I needed I turned my LED wall lights on and lit some candles to watch TV so I guess that ended each night on a relaxing note which is always nice. Hairdressing course last week was good too as we did layering which was obviously exciting but I was still anxious before we went and nervous when we started but I’ve decided to do a post on the whole hairdressing course once I’ve finished the course as I can give a full post on my thoughts and how I found it etc. Last week I also won a Twitter giveaway which is always exciting but I kind of forgot I entered so to win was such a surprise so that made my Thursday a little more exciting.

  Last week my favourite part was probably having some ‘Me’ time in the evenings as I listened to music, Read some of my new book which I’ve started, Caught up on YouTube and started a new series on Netflix so it was lovely! I joined back up to Kindle Unlimited as it just seems the right thing for me so I’m not buying books monthly when I can just pay a monthly price which is cheaper the downside is a lot of books aren’t under the ‘Kindle Unlimited’ so I need to see if it works for me or not but again I think I will do a post about it once I’m certain about it. A few good albums released at the end of last week which started my weekend off perfectly!

I’ll stop rambling now but I really hope you had a lovely week last week!
Have a lovely week!

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