Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Yankee Candle Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing my new Yankee Candles which I recently picked up after seeing these all over Instagram I knew I needed to get my hands on these and luckily I found them.
  So I picked all these wax melts up from my local Asda and I had seen the 'Home Inspiration' wax melts all over Instagram and  I love wax melts a lot more than normal scented candles so I decided to go find some and give them a try and I found these three which I have to say I love these scents so much and I'm so glad I picked these up when I did. I currently love swapping my scents over on a Friday evening or Sunday morning and I have to say these smell amazing! So let's get into the scents I picked up.
  So the first wax melts I picked up was in the scent Peach Smoothie which I mainly picked these up simply because they smelt amazing and I knew I would just love the scent straight away. I have to admit I'm not too fond of fresh or fruity scents as I much prefer more musky scents as I just seem to enjoy those scents a lot more but I just knew I needed to pick these up once I had smelt them and for £3 it was definitely a bargain as you get 6 wax melts which you only need to burn one melt at a time for a hint of scent without it been too overpowering which I like so I would definitely recommend them.
  So the next set of wax melts I picked up was in the scent Cherry Vanilla which I have to say cherry is one of my favourite scents so when I saw these I didn't even have to smell them to know I would love the scent but it's definitely a more subtle cherry scent as the hint of vanilla gives it more of a fresh scent which I think makes the scent such a lovely surprise when your burning it and I've already burnt these melts and I have to say the scent lingers for such a long time once it's burnt but I adore these and will definitely restock up when I've burnt all these- I definitely recommend these.
  So this haul is definitely on the small side but the last scent I picked up in the wax melts is Winter morning which when I saw these on the Asda shelf I knew I wasn't leaving with them but I was a little unsure on the scent at the beginning as it reminded me of a crisp winter morning but I liked the musky scent which it left behind once you had smelt it so I decided to give these a go and see if I actually liked the scent or not. I personally have warmed to the scent and I think it just adds a content feeling to my room when these are burning as I always feel more content when Winter comes around so I do really love the scent but I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea if I'm honest. So I will also say Luke isn't very fond of scented candles but he really likes this scent too so take that how you wish- I definitely recommend this scent to candle lovers who adore the winter collections from Yankee Candle as it strangely makes me feel like i'm burning a candle from a few years ago when this starts burning in my bedroom so I definitely recommend this scent if your into Winter scents.
Do you own any of these?

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