Monday, 6 March 2017

A New Routine!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m back for another Monday ramble but where are these weeks going?! I’m pretty sure it was Christmas like last week yet it’s now March.
  Last week was one of those weeks were I had some kind of mental change and I was motivated, I wanted to be organised and I was in such a good mood. I wanted to make a routine for when I would film YouTube videos and the nights I would spent blogging or just having some ‘Me’ time. I’m someone who likes to be constantly busy so for me I wanted to know what I was doing and when as if I make a schedule I like to stick to it (Yes I’m that bad!) So I’ve been planning most of my week with my 2017 diary which I got from Tesco, I’m someone who buys planners or organisers and doesn’t actually use them but this year I’ve stuck to planning my weeks out and if anything it gives me the peace of mind as I can just look onto my diary and see what needs doing this week it’s such a good thing but I would like to also do it electronically which I have the calendar app which is standard for Iphone’s and the Google calendar but I think I just prefer writing it down and colour coding it so it all blends properly, I’m desperate to buy the “Happiness Planner” but I really don’t need another planner but I think I may have to buy it when the new like planner starts which I think is about August – So excited! I also run a little business aside my YouTube, Blog and Full Time Job which I said I liked to be busy but I earn some extra money which is always needed but if you would like to know any more details please contact me on social media and I can explain my part time job. I am happy because everything is just going right for me in a sense but I do have my off days like one Saturday about two weeks ago I just didn’t feel right yet I’d had a lovely day shopping with my mum but in the afternoon I had around three panic attacks whilst driving and sat sobbing in my car twice as I couldn’t park my car- Swings and roundabouts.

  I don’t know what this Monday post was actually for but I guess it was to explain where my routine is going for my YouTube and blog which hopefully I can stick to. I just love doing these Monday posts as I feel like I actually just sit and talk about my worries or what’s gone well in my life within the last week but I just feel like these posts also bring a little of my personality out which is always a good thing as my blog is a place I class as my own little space and I don’t just want to stick to the basic lifestyle and beauty post as I feel as though they don’t show my personality properly so that’s why I started the Monday posts and my weekly summary as I just thought they would show a different side to me and add something a little different to my blog. I’m not the best at photography and if anything I keep it quite simple on my blog but that’s the way I want my blog to look which I know numbers etc I’m not as big as other bloggers but I just enjoy making my own content and things like that which I know numbers etc mean nothing but it’s something you look at over time but for me it makes no difference as I just love making the content for my little space. I keep thinking of refreshing my blog with a new layout etc but I just love how my blog looks so I’m not sure if I will change anything as of yet as I really love how my blog is laid out etc so this might change in time but as for now I do love the theme I have for my blog.

I’m going to stop rambling but I really hope you have a lovely week!

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