Wednesday, 29 March 2017

April Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So for today’s post I thought I would share my April goals and if I’m honest these are one of my favourite posts to plan and organise so I really look forward to do these, So let’s start the post off like normal by summing up last months goals which you can read that post HERE.
  So my March goals were kind of simple ones as I didn’t have much I wanted to ‘Achieve’ so they were quite easy ones but it was a great month all in all – So the first goal was to get a saving/spending plan in place and this was so I could work my money out better and not spend unnecessary money on things I don’t need so I achieved this one starting from April as I’ve planned how much I want to put away into my savings and how much I can spend but I’m going to cut my spending down the best I can. My next goal was to carry on with the hairdressing course but due to some personal issues and my first goal to not spend unnecessary money I decided to stop this as if anything I was only learning the ‘basics’ but also it was just a waste of money. My third goal was to make a routine which I have that sorted which I’ve decided to film once a week for YouTube possibly after work and my blog stuff to get done through the day and then just schedule to my blog once I’m home. My next goal was to decide what I wanted to treat myself to for my birthday which I haven’t actually thought of this yet as I was sure I wanted a Louis Vuitton bag but now I’ve decided against that but I’m thinking the small key holder may be my first luxury purchase. My final goal for March was be more active on social media which again I feel as though this will take me a while but I really want to get more active like twitter chats etc so I may need to start doing them – In terms of goals I think it was quite a successful month really!

  Here’s to my April goals;
  Take More Time for Hobbies – So my first goal is a personal one which these goals are my ‘Personal’ goals anyway but this month I want to take more time for my hobbies like reading or my 3DS as I feel the last month or so has been blogging and YouTube which I love but I feel like I need to get back into the things I loved doing so I’m excited to stick to this one.
  Say Yes To More Opportunities – This is one I want to carry on throughout the year but I want to start saying yes to more things like blog events etc but I either say no as I know it’s after work and I know I will be a little late if I go straight from work or I say no as I’m always scared to try something new and from April forward I want to start saying yes more.
  Try Be More Confident – Recently I’ve just felt very shy again which I have no idea why but I feel like I’ve gone back to the shy timid girl I was when I had just started working, This is strange for me as for the past few years I’ve been building my confidence up. So in the month of April I just want to get my confidence back so I can take a picture and actually post it online or actually get involved with social media without stopping myself – Personal issues but I’ll sort them hopefully!
  Have More Family Time – So April I want to have more family time which I always love when we do things as a family as we are all quite close which is nice so I’m just wanting to spend more time with my family as recently I feel like I’ve just been concentrating on myself which is always something I want to do as I have things I want to achieve but I want to have some family time this month.
  Savings – This has been a goal for this year but other things have become more important but in April I want to get saving again as I do want to get that house deposit sorted so I want to get the savings going again which I’ve worked out if I carry on until the end of the year I will be in good place so I need to get this going – Let’s see if I actually stick to it.
What’s your goals for April?

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