Friday, 10 March 2017

Body Butter Collection

Hello Everyone!
  So today I’m going to be sharing my body butter favourites, This year I said I wanted to start pampering myself meaning moisturising my skin more so I picked up a few and they’ve definitely become my favourite bath products.
So In this picture I have a body butter by Calcott Manor which is the De-Stress body balm but I’ve misplaced this somewhere so I didn’t end up taking a picture of this on its own but this is an amazing body butter as the scent is so calming it definitely relaxes me and I have to say when I used this on my skin I definitely felt more relaxed after my bath. I have to say I do have quite a few body butters in my stash but I definitely use them to death now as I use them every time I get in the bath, As for shower I use the Nivea one which you can use in the shower as it’s a lot easier. 
So I think I’ve put all of this collection in this post but I got these from Tesco for Christmas from Luke and I honestly didn’t think I would love them as much as I do. You got four in the little collection and I didn’t expect much from them but I was so wrong. So this one is in the scent cranberry which automatically makes me think of Christmas which I love but the scent is so long lasting and the body butters are so creamy and moisturising they do wonders for my skin. So the cranberry one has a red tint in the body butter but it’s nothing that you notice on the skin. I do use this one quite a lot as I just love the scent so much and I really hope I can repurchase these.
  So the next one is from the same collection as the cranberry one but I knew I had to add them all in as they are all just such good body butters so I needed to give them their own light. This one is in the scent Honey and as you can probably see from the picture I’m slowly running out of this so I’m trying not to use this one as much but I just love anything sweet so the honey scent is perfect for me but again it does wonders for my skin. I did say the cranberry one had a red tint and the honey one has more of a golden colour inside the pot but again once on the skin you can’t really see it. This was the first one I used in the collection which may be why I love this so much but I really need to repurchase this one as I honestly love the scent of this one but if not I will definitely need to look into some more body butters with the honey scent and give them a go.
So this is again from the same collection but if you know me personally I love anything coconut scented so when I saw this in the set when Luke picked it up for me I was so excited to give this a go and I wasn’t disappointed. The scent is so strong and reminds me of cocoa butter for some reason but I adore this. I have to say I use this more through the week once I’ve been in the shower as I just like the scent of it on my skin so I decide to use this as much as I can whereas on my Sunday pamper I like to have more of a different scent so I feel like I’ve had a proper pamper but I do adore this scent and again it has the same formula as the others so it obviously does wonders for the skin.
  So the next is the last one in that collection and this is in the scent Clementine so I have to admit I really didn’t think I’d like this one as orange scents are something I stick away from but recently I decided to give this a go and I’m so glad I did. I was keeping this just as a backup one in case I ran out of all my other ones but I can’t believe I didn’t use this one for so long. So as for scent it’s quite easy to imagine what it actually smells like but I really love it and it’s definitely something I wouldn’t normally use but this scent seems to last a little longer on the skin which is always nice.  Again this does wonders for my skin and I will definitely be picking this one up more on a Sunday afternoon. 
      Soap and Glory is a brand I never really wanted to pick up even though everyone adores the brand for their bath stuff but it’s just never interested me but again Luke picked me some up for Christmas (Yes I was so lucky!) But I got the original soap and glory body butter and the packaging is lovely and yes the body butter is very moisturising and it has the classic Soap and Glory scent but I have to say it’s not one I reach for all the time but it is one I like to keep using, I feel as though I just need to get used to the scent and try out some more of their ranges and I may start to like the Soap and Glory products a lot more but for now this one will definitely keep me going.
  This is another Soap and Glory product which is in the ‘Smoothie Star’ collection which was something I picked up for myself around Christmas time as I wanted to give it a go. So this is more of a buttercream so it’s a bit more creamier in my opinion but the scent I’m not too sure if I actually like the scent yet but I keep using this occasionally but you definitely get more product in this one compared to the other body butter I have from Soap and Glory but again the packaging is so lovely and I do think I will pick up more from Soap and Glory but if you wanting a good body butter I really would say try more cheaper alternatives first before you go and pick up the Soap and Glory ones.
So the last one for this body butter favourites post was another one I found in the pound shop and everyone was literally praising this body butter on social media so I decided to go have a look in my pound shop to see if we had it and luckily we did and I love it! So I bought this before Christmas and it’s the I Love… range which I’m pretty sure this used to be in Superdrug but it’s in the scent Cherry Almond Sparkle and this smells AMAZING! Yes it literally smells that good. The packaging is so lovely for this product but definitely reminds me of Christmas but I’m going to definitely look into other scents from this range and try some out. As for the actual body butter it’s very thick in consistency but it moisturises my legs amazingly which I love as I have issues with my legs been dry. I apply this to my arms just so the scent lingers a little longer as I honestly love this scent. The body butter is a yellow kind of shade which did scare me at first but again once it’s applied on the skin it doesn’t transfer onto your skin, I really do recommend these body butters which you can find them on Ebay.

  So these were my body butter favourites which I’ve kind of collected over the Christmas period but I honestly love using the body butters now as I just feel more pampered when I’ve used one on my skin, I will say I do definitely prefer the Tesco ones to the Soap and Glory ones but that’s just my preference and everyone is different but I just prefer them as they do the job so well and they are only a fraction on the price. As for the steals in the pound shop I’d definitely recommend trying your pound shop for stuff like that as it’s so inexpensive and they are such good products, if you decide to pick any of these up definitely let me know what you think of them in the comments!
What’s your favourite body butters?

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