Friday, 3 March 2017

February Favourites

  Hello Everyone!
  So it’s the end of the month so I’m here to do my February Favourites which I know this will be a long one so I would really recommend grabbing a hot beverage before you carry on (Thank me later!)
  So in the month of February I had a good month if I’m honest, I started my YouTube and started my hairdressing course so two things I’ve wanted to do for years and I’ve finally started them- Yes! I was in a much happier mind set this month which I have no idea where it came from but I loved this month so much and I felt so happy- I’m literally typing this up and could get a little emotional with how happy I am (May sound silly yet I finally feel myself again!) so let’s get into what I’ve loved in the month of February;

So this month I was all for the full face make-up look and I went back to a few old products but loved them so the first one was the W7 Honolulu Bronzer which is the dupe for the Benefit Hula bronzer and if anything I love this as it’s the perfect contour shade and I’ve had this for so long and there’s still so much product to use plus it’s inexpensive so a winner for me. The next item is the Bourjois Helathy Mix Foundation which is a new foundation for me which I love the glowy finish it gives to my skin which I thought I wouldn’t like that as I have oily skin, This foundation is a tad dark for me but I just lighten it was a lighter foundation. The next product is the W7 Honeyqueen Blusher which I’m sure this is a dupe for another Benefit blusher but not sure which one but I just love this again as you have so much product but this adds a lovely colour to my cheeks and it has a hint of shimmer so adds a nice glow too and again it’s inexpensive. Now onto the lip combo I’ve loved it- Two products which have changed the way I look at my lips starting with the Essence Lipstick in 02 perfect Match which is a lovely brown shade which is what I’ve been reaching for recently and then I apply the Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream which is a very dark brown lip cream which just makes my lips matte but also makes them look bigger in size which I’m not sure why but I’m honestly loving it.

  Amber Run – For A Moment, I Was Lost : This album is by one of the first bands I saw live and I’ve always loved them but I didn’t expect this album so when it was on Spotify I was so excited to listen to it and honestly it’s been on repeat ever since – Love it.
  James Arthur – Back From The Edge : So James Arthur has always been a male artist I’ve loved and this album is just perfect to me and I have to say I listen to at least one of the songs from the album at least once a day and still love them.
  Ed Sheeran : So Ed Sheeran brought some new songs out this month and I love them all so much but I have also been repeating the This is: Ed Sheeran playlist on Spotify for the older songs.
  Lower Than Atlantic – Safe In Sound : So Lower Than Atlantic are more of a new band for me but this album is such a good album so this has definitely been on repeat too.

More Than Her – Jay Mclean : So I’ve done a blog post on this book so I will keep this simple but this book was so good! I was hooked from the beginning and this is book 2 in the 5 book series I think but I will definitely carry on as I love the story, Characters and everything about this series.

  1 Second Video App – So this app was a new one to me this month but you basically take a 1 second video each day for a year then you can watch it back and I’ve loved taking the videos each day, Although I’m not doing anything exciting it’s nice to watch it all back.

You can watch my February favourites on YouTube HERE
What’s your February Favourites?

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