Friday, 31 March 2017

March Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So for today’s post I’m going to be sharing my loves from March and I have to say it is a small one this month but that’s simply because I’ve stuck to my staples for beauty which sometimes it’s always good to stick to the things you know so let’s get into my favourites for March.
  March was a great month for me if I’m honest, I got back into YouTube and I got my blogging mojo back so I felt pretty good, I attended a blogger event in Leeds which I will be talking about on my blog but if anything it just felt like this month got me sorted and I know exactly what I want to achieve. I had a dentist appointment this month which is my last one for 6 months woo! So now onto the things I’ve been loving;

  So this month as I said I stuck to the things I knew worked on my skin as I had a few break outs this month which wasn’t hormonal related so I was either stressed or my skin just wanted to cause havoc as always! So I basically kept everything simple including my eye make-up. So the first product I have been loving is the Essence lip stick in the shade 09 I Feel Pretty which I actually picked this up out of my collection on a whim at the beginning of the month as I wanted something different but fell in love with the shade, It’s also not a matte formula which I normally reach for but I actually liked the gloss effect it gave to my lips I’m definitely picking up some more of these. The next product is the Essence blush in the shade 30 Satin Bronze which again I picked this up on a whim this month as I wanted a more bronzed blush rather than pink and this was perfect but it just gives me the perfect glow on my cheeks and if anything I just love this blusher and it’s shade but also how inexpensive it is. The last beauty product this month is actually a nail polish which I have from Avon in the shade Pearl which I never reach for this but in March I wanted something pink but not too in your face and this is perfect it has the most beautiful shimmer as it’s got silver glitter throughout the nail polish but it’s just absolutely beautiful so I’m glad I put that on my nails this month. The last three products are a little random but I’ve loved them this month, First off I picked up two cases from a seller called @Vertigovibes on Depop and they are so lovely! There is a deal at the moment at 2 phone cases for £10 so I decided to pick two up and I love them both I picked up a Hello Kitty one as I just thought it was so cute and I picked up the pink one as I just loved that one – I also have my eye on two other ones oops! The last thing is my trusty 3DSXL which I got this ages ago for Christmas but I’ve just loved playing this on an evening and my two favourite games at the moment are Animal Crossing and Order Up I just love these games as it just takes my mind of everything for an hour or so or if I’ve had a bad day it just cheers me up.


  Ed Sheeran’s Album – Loved this! Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite artists so when this album came out it was on repeat and it didn’t disappoint at all, it’s still on repeat now.
  Shawn Mendes - Illuminate - I just adore this album and when I want something to sing along to I always go back to this album so it’s definitely one of my favourites and this was on repeat all month.
  Shawn Mendes – Live At Maddison Square Garden – I’d love to see Shawn live but that’s probably not going to happen but I found this album on Spotify and I love it, Kind of makes me feel like I’m at the concert so I kind of enjoy listening to it just for that (No Shame!).
  Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix – When this song came out I wasn’t too keen on it but now I love this song and it’s been on repeat this month so I love this song now.
  YouTube – So this month I got back into the swing of YouTube and found a good routine for filming and I’m really enjoying it, I know this is just the start for my channel and I’m new to it all but if anything I’m just enjoying my channel – My link for my YouTube is now at the top of my blog so feel free to subscribe if you would like.
  Editing- So this is all new to me but if anything this month I’ve loved editing my YouTube videos and learning new things, Again I’m new to it all so my editing is basic but I know over time I will get better at it but right now I don’t feel like my editing is too bad.
What’s your favourites in March?

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