Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So today I’m going to be sharing my March goals and talk about how well I did in February which I have to say I’m quite pleased with how well I did in February in terms of my goals.
  So I will start this post as always by saying how well I did with last month’s goals in February and I have to say I’m actually really pleased with myself. I feel as though I put myself down a lot but when I back track to see how well I did in terms of personal goals I feel I did so well this time. You can see my February goals HERE – In the month of February I actually felt a lot better but I was a little anxious at certain parts of this month which I will explain in a bit more detail but my first goal was to do the hairdressing course which is where I felt very anxious for the last few weeks before going to the course but I’m really enjoying it I just feel anxious because it’s out of my comfort zone but I’m really enjoying it. The second goal was to start YouTube which I’m so proud of myself as I’ve stuck to filming and I upload once a week which I’ve got three videos on my YouTube channel which you can find HERE So I’m quite proud of myself to of actually sat and filmed these videos without putting it off. My third goal for February was to relax more which I have to say I actually did put some time aside to relax which was nice, I either ran myself a bath, Read my book or caught up on YouTube videos. My fourth goal was to treat myself and I actually really did this month which was nice, I bought this which was needed like some new bedding and things like that but I treated myself to a few new things like a coat, some new clothes for work and other bits and bobs. My last goal for February was to start the 1 second video app which so far I’ve done a video every day and it’s a lovely thing to actually watch back – In terms of my goals I achieved them all pretty well.

Here’s to my March goals;
  Get a Saving/Spending Plan in Place – So this sounds a little stupid but to me it’s the perfect idea I’m wanting to create a plan so I know what I can spend and what I can save each month. I’m wanting to save some money to actually buy myself something for my 21st which I will talk about more later in the post but I’m wanting to also work out what I need to put away for my house deposit which I’m slowly saving for! As for spending plan I just want to have a set amount I can spend a month so I’m not spending unnecessary money if it’s not needed.
  Hairdressing Course (Carry On) – So I wrote about this in my February goals but I’m starting to feel so anxious when it comes to the evening of the training but I really want to carry on with it as I’m really enjoying it and if anything since I left school I always wanted to be a qualified hairdresser.
  Make A Routine – So this month I need to get a routine going so I can start filming YouTube videos on an evening and get all my blog stuff sorted too. I also want to have a routine in place so I know which evenings I have a spare night to myself and which nights I need to get stuff done.
  Decide What I Want To Treat Myself To – So it’s my 21st in June this year and if anything I want to treat myself to something I’ve wanted for ages which is a Louis Vuitton bag so I’m kind of searching for which one I want and then I need to start saving so I can buy it for myself before my birthday.
  Be More Active On Social Media- I feel as though I lack at this quite a lot but I need to be more active on social media like Twitter, Snapchat and comment on YouTube videos. I’m kind of a little shy when it comes to social media but I feel like I definitely need to be more active.
What’s your goals for March?

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