Wednesday, 15 March 2017

More Than Her - Book Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would do a review on the book I’ve just finished reading which I have to say I’m slowly getting back into reading and it’s making me so happy to finally be reading again!
  So I will start off by saying I signed up to Kindle Unlimited which is where you pay £7.99 a month and you can borrow up to 12 books onto your kindle which I think is such a good idea as I know I’m probably going to start reading a lot more books throughout the month and it will work out cheaper for me if I just pay the monthly fee rather than pay for each book. I will say not every book title is under the Kindle Unlimited but most of the authors I read do let their books be part of the Kindle Unlimited, so the book I finished recently is More Than Her by Jay Mclean which I had mixed feelings on this book so I’ll tell you more about it.
  More Than Her is the second book in the ‘More Than’ series by Jay Mclean which I’m sure I did a blog post on the first book in the series which you can see my thoughts on this book HERE - So after that book I just knew I needed to pick this one up so I quickly went onto Amazon and got it straight to my Kindle. So this book was mainly around Logan and Amanda which Logan was in the first book and I wasn’t too keen on his character if I’m honest as he just seemed very full of himself and I just didn’t get on with him in the first book but this book changed my thoughts completely! This book shows you pretty much why he’s the character he actually is so I’m kind of glad I read this book to actually see his full personality and by the end of it I just adored him – Two faced I know! As for Amanda I can’t really remember if she was in much of the first book and if she was I can’t really fully remember her but she becomes Logan’s girlfriend in this and I just loved her from the beginning. She was a character which I connected with.

  As I said you meet Logan’s full character throughout this book and you get to understand his past and his struggles which I really did not expect but these books are like mini rollercoasters when you read them so I really wasn’t surprised after the first book. Amanda stands by Logan with so much in this book and you kind of get annoyed by how Logan treats her in certain parts of the book. Towards the end quite a horrific scene happens which I really did not expect to happen so I got gripped into the story once again which was an amazing feeling when I haven’t read a book properly for quite a while. After these events Logan kind of disappears but I knew all along they should be together but it was like a cat and mouse game throughout the book which really frustrated me sometimes but I still loved this book. The ending kind of fell flat for me as I was a little disappointed because it just ended bluntly but I wasn’t aware the third book in the series is actually based around Amanda so I cannot wait to read it which I’m starting very soon! I don’t want to spoil too much of the story so I will just say this series is getting better and better as the books go on so I will definitely keep reading them. I know there is also a spin off series getting published so again I’ll also read those. I will say these books are definitely Young Adult but they do have quite dark story lines which is what I like about these books I really can’t wait to get onto the next book and see where it takes me this time.
Have you read the ‘More Than’ series?

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