Friday, 24 March 2017

My Make-up Journey

  Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share my make-up journey with you guys as I just thought this was such a good idea as I always like to know how other people got into make-up.
  So my make-up journey didn’t actually start until I was around 14 as I wasn’t that interested in make-up I mean I knew what it was and would always browse the make-up counters when I was shopping with my mum but never actually wanted to try anything. When I was around 14 I had some make-up bits which I had been given for Christmas so decided to try the eyeliner pencil in black which my Nan actually helped me apply it and I just really liked the difference it made to my eyes and if anything it made me want to try make-up even more. A couple of months later my mum helped me pick up a foundation to try which it wasn’t an expensive one and it was quite a light coverage foundation but I loved it, I loved the idea of applying make-up and this is how my make-up journey started so for quite a while I just stuck to foundation, powder, kohl eyeliner and mascara.

  When I turned 15 this is when I properly started getting into make-up as I was watching YouTube tutorials now so I knew what make-up was supposed to be good and picked it up when I could. I started my collection now and my main favourites to pick up was foundations as I was still trying to find my holy grail foundation which didn’t actually come for a few years and lipsticks as I just love the difference it made to my face. I was also collection nail polishes as again I just loved to have a different selection of colours but my main brand I always went towards was Models Own and Barry M.  The foundation I kind of drifted towards as at the time it was my ‘Holy Grail’ I was wrong but it was one from Collection which I can’t remember the name of but it was a heavy coverage foundation which matched me perfectly but I honestly know now it just clogged my pores so much.

  So around 17 I had started working so had my own income to start buying the make-up I wanted to buy which led me to the Revlon Colourstay and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundations which became my holy grails and still to this day I use them as they match me perfectly and last all day. I started to try out the winged liner which took me a lot of practise and mistakes but I got it right in the end and I used the Collection Fast Stroke eye liner which just made it so easier to apply the winged liner and still to this day I use this eyeliner for my winged liner – It’s so cheap and inexpensive. Eyebrows was now a thing I added into my daily routine but just stuck to an eyebrow pencil from MUA. My make-up collection was growing massively after every pay day and this was the start of my palette collection which I remember my first palettes were by MUA which were dupes for the Naked palette’s and I loved them. For the most part I stuck to the make-up I know and the looks I was comfortable with so I didn’t really try new products or anything like that.

Current day so I’m now 20 nearly turning 21 and my make-up is pretty simple most of the time but my make-up collection is absolutely huge which I’m not complaining about. I stick to Revlon Colourstay and Estee Lauder foundation as it just works for my oily skin, Powder is still the same one from when I was 15 (I’ve repurchased over the years obviously!) but it’s from Collection and so inexpensive. Winged liner and layers of mascara is a must for me, Contour is becoming a daily routine and highlighter is slowly coming into my make-up routine but only slowly as I’m a little scared to try a lot of highlighters. Eye looks are pretty neutral with golds and browns but I love eyeshadow now, Lipstick is still my favourite part but liquid lipsticks are slowly becoming a staple for me. Eyebrows now get done with a brow pomade and powder before keeping them in place with clear mascara.  False eyelashes are something I really want to get used to wearing but I’m a little scared they look too ‘Glam’ for my make-up routine which hopefully will change soon.
What’s your make-up story?

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