Monday, 13 March 2017

Routine Routine Routine!

Hello Everyone!
  Monday has come back round again and if anything I’m feeling pretty good this week, I hope you are all well and you had a lovely week last week but let’s get into this post.
  One of my goals for March was to get into a routine for my blogging/ YouTube which about two weeks ago I had literally been so busy with work and my personal life I literally got no video filmed or uploaded and I hated it – I don’t think I realised how much I really enjoy YouTube so definitely getting back onto that. Last week though I started the routine as I mean to go on and it went really well.  Blogging I kept to a minimum as I have a routine of getting 4 posts written throughout the week (My Weekly Summary, My Monday posts and my lifestyle and beauty post) I can easily get these done through the day or on an evening when I have nothing else planned but I don’t worry as much for my blog as if anything I’m always in front with my posts as I’m quite organised when it comes to scheduling my posts etc. As for blog pictures I take them on a Saturday or Sunday depending what I’m doing at the weekend but again I take them in bulk so I always have back up if there’s a week where I can’t take blog pictures. So in terms of my blog I’m pretty sorted but I’m always thinking of new ways to try schedule my time better.

  As for YouTube I’m still new to it all but I’ve decided to start filming on a Wednesday evening after work and if I can I will film on a weekend but if not I will just film one a week which will just keep me ticking over until the next week. I have started putting my filming stuff up and ready before I go to work so when I get come I can simply touch up my make-up, get changed and then start filming – Just saves so much time. I simply edit one day throughout the week as editing doesn’t actually take me too long so that’s pretty simple. I think of YouTube videos throughout the week and make lists of the YouTube videos or blog posts I want to do and then tick them off once I’ve done them! I’m literally in such a good place at the moment- organisation wise I’m kind of proud of myself. I’m not saying this schedule will stay in place for my YouTube channel but for now it works for me.

  I’ve kind of fallen back in love with my blog again which is always a nice feeling. I just lost all motivation with my blog posts and was kind of just writing the posts for the sake of it to keep on top of my blog but I always said when I started my blog I would never miss a post unless it was needed and if anything when I’m feeling a little down about my blog I like to push through it rather than just leaving my blog for a while which I always come out stronger and more motivated so I know I’m always doing the right thing – As for YouTube it’s still a learning experience for me so filming literally takes me so long but I’m always happy with the video I’m just annoyed when it takes me so long. As I said editing doesn’t take long at all but I find it hard to get a good picture for the thumbnails but again it’ll get easier once I’ve been doing it for a while – It’s all a learning curve.

Have a lovely week!

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