Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Snacks I'm Loving

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share with you some snacks I’ve recently been loving, January or the New Year always gets everyone onto the diet hype which I for one don’t need to go on a diet but I do try and eat healthy which this year I’m kind of sticking to it. 
  I was searching round my local Tesco to try find some snacks I could eat at my desk when I would get hungry on an afternoon which wasn’t chocolate or anything like that which I found these and they were on offer for 5 for £1.50 which I though wasn’t too bad to give them a try which I have to say I’ve been loving them and I’ve purchased them multiple times since.
  So all these snacks are from a company called Whitworths which I’ve never heard of before so I’m not too sure if they are new or not but I definitely recommend these snacks. So the first one I picked up was Tropical Mango which these are supposed to be fruit which is dried which I’m not normally a fan of but these are like your actually eating the mango just not as messy in my opinion which makes them great for at your desk. As for the packets I would say these are the perfect size for you to carry in your bag but it’s also just the right amount of fruit in the bag. Of course if you have the full packet it’s one of your five a day which is perfect for me as I’m so bad at eating fruit. The tropical mango packet is definitely by far one of my favourites which I have tried.
  The next snack I decided to pick up was the Plump Pears which again these are the same as the tropical mango ones but I’ve never been a fan of pears but since I’ve loved all of these which I’ve tried recently I decided to pick these up and give them a go and I love them. I do think eating these snacks just make it a better easier for me to actually eat fruit so I’m really glad I picked these snacks up. Again the packet is just the right size before I start to get bored of the same taste but these are probably my second favourite out of the ones I have in my stash at the moment. Which I’m surprised to say that as like I said I have never really been keen on pears as a fruit. The reason I think I do like these is because of how easy and clean they are to eat as you have no juices from the fruit with them been dried but that doesn’t make the fruit any less juicy once you start eating them- Perfect!
  The last packet of the dried fruit which I have in my stash at the moment as I need to stock up is the Soft Apricot which these were a little disappointing for me but first off I will say I love anything apricot flavoured or scented so I was so excited to give them a try but I really didn’t like these ones at all. These are again dried but the apricots were lovely and soft so I thought they would be the perfect snack but to me they just tasted bland and the apricots were like rubber when you were trying to eat them which I did eat the packet as I don’t like to waste fruit but I wouldn’t say I enjoyed them so I won’t be purchasing these ones again but I would say if your wanting to try these to definitely give them a go as everyone’s different and just because I didn’t like them doesn’t mean someone else won’t but if you do give them a try let me know if you did enjoy them.
  So the last snack I picked up was the Whitworth shots which are a small packet which is full of dried fruit and chocolate in a nice small packet. I said I wanted to cut down on chocolate which these will just give me that little bit of chocolate to stop my craving so I thought these were a good idea for me. I picked this up in the Berry & White Chocolate flavoured which I had this the other day and I really enjoy it actually and again it was the perfect sized packet for a nice snack which was nice. So this one had dried cranberries, Raisins and white chocolate in which was the perfect combination in my opinion and I did really enjoy this so I may pick some more of these up and give them all a try.

  I would definitely recommend these snacks for anyone who is trying to cut down on the bad snacks like chocolate or crisps at their desk or for someone who wants some snacks which can easily be popped in your bag for a quick fix when you’re hungry, I didn’t think they were too expensive for what they are really but if they are on offer they are definitely worth it!
Have you tried these snacks?

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