Monday, 20 March 2017

Such A Busy Week!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to do my weekly little chat and this one is basically going to be a little ramble into last week and what a busy week it was.
  Last week was such a busy week for me but you know what it was a funny old week for me, The beginning of the week for me was just a normal week and work wasn’t too busy I just spent the evenings playing my 3DS (Still a child!) or catching up on YouTube but if anything I’m just not enjoying watching YouTube that much recently so I’m just adding videos to my ‘Watch Later’ and then catching up when I feel like watching YouTube with a cup of tea. Wednesday I was at Newcastle for some work training so I was up early and set off to Newcastle before eight. The training was actually so interesting and I really enjoyed it, the training finished early too meaning I got to get home an hour earlier (Such a big difference!) I got my YouTube video filmed within like an hour which isn’t like me as it normally takes me ages to film so I was quite proud of myself. I had my tea and just spent the evening in bed with a hot water bottle as my period pains are quite severe this time round – Sorry if that’s too much info. Thursday I was back at work and catching up on everything but with us moving offices soon I needed to start packing and god I felt horrendous afterwards. Once I got home I just needed to relax so it was a lovely hot shower and reading my book. My mum also had an interview this week and got the job so that was lovely news. Friday was just a day of again catching back up on my work as I kind of forget how backlogged you get when you have a day off! Strange… But overall I had a lovely work week and the weekend was spent just relaxing as it was the time of the month but I still filmed and decided to read and watch Netflix which was a great way to spend my weekend if I’m honest – Yes I prefer to be cosy doing my own thing than been out drinking it just isn’t my thing and I don’t think it will be.

  Kind of a short one this week but if anything I kind of needed to recharge my batteries this weekend after such a hectic week and been the time of the month so I hope you don’t mind but also I hope you had a lovely week last week no matter what you were doing!
Have a lovely week!

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