Friday, 17 March 2017

Top 5 Bronzer

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share my top 5 bronzers as I’ve recently got back into using bronzer a bit more to add some warmth to my face and these are by far my favourites.
  So bronzers have always been something which if anything I’ve been scared to use on my face which it sounds stupid but I’m so pale everything just looked like I had applied mud to my face but I seem to have found a few products now which give me enough warmth to my face without it been too much or looking less natural than I’d like it so I thought I would share these with you.
  So the first bronzer we will speak about is the L’Oreal Infallible sculpt duo which has a bronzer and highlighter shade in it but I do mainly just reach for the bronzer shade but I got this in the light/medium shade and I have to say this works really well as a contour shade but again it gives warmth and definition to my face which is always nice. The packaging is something I like about this bronzer as it just very sleek but the black and yellow just work together perfectly in my opinion. The lighter shade which is a highlighter shade but this just doesn’t give much highlight to my face so I prefer to just stick away from the highlight but as for the bronzer shade I love it.

Next we have the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow which is in the shade Delicious, Yes this is an eyeshadow which I use as contour but the shade again just works perfectly for contouring my face. This one is a lot darker than the rest which means I apply a lot less of this to my face but I do use this when I’m wanting more of a glam look as I feel like it does the perfect job when I’m wanting to add a bit more definition to my face but this is probably the cheapest product on this post so if your wanting to try a cheap contour to get yourself used to contouring I definitely recommend this.

 The first one is the Tarte bronzer in the shade Park Ave Princess which I picked this one up from Depop and I got it for £7 which was a steal and I’ve loved it ever since. So first off the packaging is lovely! I adore the croc effect and the only downside is there is no mirror in the compartment but it’s not a big issue. This definitely works as a bronzer for me as it adds a lovely glow and warmth to my face, the bronzer has a slight shimmer through it which is always nice for a bronzer to me but I know most people don’t like it. You don’t get a lot of product but I don’t apply too much of this so this will definitely last me a long time which is good as I love it.

 The next bronzer is such an old one for me as it’s been in my collection for some time now but I still love it as much as I did when I first picked this up. So this bronzer is the NYC Smooth Bronzing Face Powder in the shade #720 Sunny which I picked this up when everyone raved about it on YouTube. I bought this from Superdrug which I think they are not supplying NYC products anymore but Ebay still see this if your wanting to pick one up but this one I just love as it definitely gives me the glow I’m looking for when it comes to bronzers and the packaging is quite simple but I’m more interested in the product if I’m honest. You get 9.4g which is an amazing amount of product but again I don’t apply too much so I still have a lot left to say I’ve had it in my collection for so long.

  The last bronzer is possibly one of my favourites from this post which is by NYX in the shade Taupe which is actually a blush but a lot of people said this was the perfect shade for contouring so Luke picked this up for me one Christmas and it does exactly that. It’s the perfect shade for contouring on my pale completion, this is probably the smallest product in this post but it’s definitely the one I reach for the most so I really do recommend this one to try out.
What’s your favourite bronzers?

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