Sunday, 5 March 2017

Weekly Summary #86

(Weekly Summary 27/02-05/03)

  Monday- So I woke up at half six and if anything I could of happily stayed in bed as the weekend just seemed to fly by but I was in a good mood actually. I got ready whilst Luke was in the bathroom getting ready and I was actually ready by the time he was finished and that was quick for me. Once Luke had headed to work I made myself a cup of tea and some breakfast before heading back upstairs to finish doing my hair and to get changed. Work wasn’t too busy today which is good but I was sat planning for blog and YouTube content as I’m wanting to start a routine and film YouTube through the week and I normally do my blog stuff through the week anyway. Once I got home from work I did my lunch, ironed my clothes and painted my nails before having my tea. I decided Monday is an evening for me to get other things done so I decided to wash my hair and just relax catching up on YouTube and reading my new book and also writing in my journal. Once Luke was home we got cosy in bed and watched some more of Shameless which I’m really enjoying, Once we were tired I turned everything off and we cuddled until we both fell asleep – Such a lovely Monday!

   Tuesday- I woke up at half six this morning and I was motivated so I wanted to be up and get started. I got ready whilst Luke was getting ready which again is so early for me so I helped Luke out and made myself a cup of tea before heading back upstairs which I decided to put my studio lights up as I wanted to film tonight so once they were up I headed downstairs to relax for a while before I had to head to work. Work was so stressful today as I needed to get the paperwork done for the board meeting which is every month but with my boss not been in I needed to get it done which took a lot longer than expected so when I was nowhere near done by 5pm I decided to leave it until tomorrow. Once I was home I did my lunch for work before sorting my clothes out. I actually reached my first promotion in my part time business meaning I will be getting a pay rise this month so I was kind of in such a good mood after that! Me and Luke got a takeaway once he was home which I had a pizza and chips with a Kinder Beuno milkshake and it was lovely! Once we started to get tired we both headed up to bed which we just got into bed and watched TV until we were both tired.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six which Luke was already up which is a change so I just made the bed before I started doing my make-up, Once Luke headed to work I headed back upstairs to finish getting ready. Work was horrendous again today as I still needed to finish the work from yesterday whilst also trying to keep on top of my other work – Too Stressful! I got everything done by 4pm so for the last hour I sat and sorted everything for the next week as since my promotion I’m wanting to reach my next goal so planning is everything. Once work was done and I got home I did my lunch for work before I opened my parcels which was a few little bits I had ordered. I did my clothes for work before I had a nice shower. I dried and straightened my hair before I had tea which was Spag Bol and it was so lovely. Once Luke was home he had his tea before heading to the shop which he came back with some little goodies for me which was lovely. We got cosy in bed to watch some TV and the new Benidorm series. I must have been shattered as once we got cosy and cuddling in bed I fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and was so shattered as I had such weird dreams last night, I got up and made the bed whilst Luke was getting ready. I did my make-up in about 20 minutes flat – I’m getting faster! Once Luke headed out I finished getting ready before I headed down and relaxed for a little while. Work wasn’t too stressful today I was mainly catching up with my stuff from the last couple of days which didn’t take me too long then I was rescheduling everything to get my sorted with my work and part time business. I just loved my outfit today as the blouse I had on was from Primark and I loved it. Once it was home time I listened to music on the way home to try relax as I had such a banging headache. I did my lunch and sorted my clothes for tomorrow before I got my laptop and caught up on YouTube and blog stuff before I decided to read some of my new book. Once Luke was home we decided to watch TV and get cosy with some candles which was lovely. We decided to watch a film tonight which I really enjoyed. Once we both got tired we turned everything off and blew the candles out before falling asleep.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and I got up and made my breakfast before heading back upstairs to make the bed whilst Luke was getting ready for work. Once Luke headed off to work I came back up and finished getting ready which I just took my time today so I was a little later than usual getting ready. Work wasn't too hectic today but I got all my work done which was needed and then the afternoon I just got myself up to date with all the other stuff which was nice to actually get done. Once I got home I just felt drained so I picked up a Starbucks as I thought it would perk me up a little. I had a shower and then just caught up on YouTube until Luke got home. Once he was home he had tea before we watched the new Lethal Weapon TV show which it was amazing! Once it had finished me and Luke headed to bed until we were both tired and went to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at half eight which me and Luke just cuddled up until I got up and made some breakfast which I had cereals and a cup of tea. Once we were both up we just relaxed in bed for a while but we both started getting ready. I had some lunch before we headed out to Luke's mums for a few hours. We then headed to Tesco which we went shopping for a few bits and bobs as we wanted to have a Mexican night so once we got back we started making the fajita's and nacho's which were lovely. I dropped Luke back off at his mums and once I got back I just watched YouTube videos until I picked him back up. Once we were back we just headed to bed and watched TV for the rest of the night before falling asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up to Luke cuddling me which was nice so we stayed there for a while before I got up and made breakfast which I decided on cereals and a cup of tea again. I was on a mission today so I had breakfast and got up to do my lunch for work and then iron the clothes for work. I then bathed Rocky and fed him before cleaning the bedroom. I cleaned the car inside and out as it needed it so badly - It rained straight after typical. I dropped Luke off at his mums and then came back and had a cup of tea with my mum before I ran myself a bath using a bath bomb which was lovely. I had my lunch whilst catching up on YouTube before I went and straightened my hair as I let it air dry. I did my blog stuff before picking Luke back up. Once Luke had eaten his lunch we had dessert before heading upstairs and watching films for the rest of the evening which was lovely.
How was your week?

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