Sunday, 26 March 2017

Weekly Summary #89

(Weekly Summary 20/03-26/03)

  Monday- I woke up at half six and was surprisingly wide awake but I knew I only had half day at work which was good. I put my robe on and made the bed whilst Luke was getting ready. I started doing my make-up and did my hair which I was ready a lot earlier which is good. I just sat downstairs and chatted with my mum before I headed to work. Work wasn’t too bad I was mainly just catching up with everything before I finished at 1pm. Once I was done we headed home and went shopping for a few bits which I mainly picked up stationery (Kind of loving stationery at the moment) we headed home and picked my little brother up from school before I had the dentist which I had 2 fillings done which it wasn’t too bad – Once I got home Luke came home too so he could comfort me bless him! I changed my bag and just spent the evening playing Sims.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and I was shattered this morning for some reason, I woke Luke up and headed down to make myself some breakfast. Whilst Luke was getting ready I made the bed and started doing my make-up again I was ready a lot earlier so I just sat downstairs before heading to work. Work was literally so crazy today I have no idea where the time went but I tried to get as much done as possible then it was home time. Once I got home I did my lunch for work tomorrow and ironed my clothes before I got a shower. I dried and straightened my hair before I had tea which was Spag Bol with garlic bread it was lovely – I decided to spend the evening watching YouTube for a bit. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we headed to bed to get cosy.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six and had such a bad sleep so I was shattered this morning, I got up and made the bed before getting my robe as it was freezing. I made the bed and started getting ready which I was ready so early so I put my filming lights up and then sat downstairs until I set off to work. Weather was horrendous today but once I got to work I cracked on with my work and it was done by the afternoon. I was just catching up with yesterday been so busy. In the afternoon I spent it just planning a few things before it was home time. After work I did my lunch and ironed my clothes for tomorrow before I got into filming and had my tea. I was actually so shattered so once I put everything away I just got into bed and watched YouTube until Luke got home. Once he was home he got a quick shower and had tea before we got into bed to watch TV for the evening.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and put my robe on before making the bed whilst Luke was getting ready. I got ready with my make-up and did my hair before Luke went which was actually so fast for me. I spent this morning before work just editing my video before I headed to work. Work wasn't too hectic today which was good so I just got everything sorted which was nice to actually have an hour or so before the end of the day so I made myself a hot drink. After work I had a shower before having tea and spent the rest of the evening with Luke watching TV which actually it was so lovely to just have a chilled evening.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and made sure Luke was awake before I got up and made the bed. I got ready but I took my time today so I was ready a little later today but it was fine. Work was a lovely day today, It was payday but if anything I finally feel like I've found my feet when it comes to my role and my workload which is good. After work when I got home I chose my clothes for tomorrow and changed my bag before washing my hair and having tea. I spent the evening just catching up on YouTube with a cup of tea which was nice. Once Luke was home we watched the Lethal Weapon TV show which I love watching now. Once it had finished we went to bed to watch a film but Luke kept drifting off so we got into bed and fell asleep.

  Saturday- I got up at seven and started getting ready before me and my mum headed to White Rose which is a shopping centre and spent most of the morning walking round Primark which was lovely and I picked up a few nice little bits. We then headed to get some food which I had a Subway and got a lovely smoothie which was so refreshing. We then went to Tesco as we needed a few bits then headed home. I spent the rest of the morning with Luke just chilling out until we headed to his mum's which the weather was lovely so we spent the afternoon in the back garden. We headed home and I had tea and painted my nails before taking Luke back to his mums. Once I got back I just watched a bit of YouTube before picking him back up, We got into bed and I was shattered so I fell straight asleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at half nine but forgot the clocks go forward so it was actually half ten but I got up and had breakfast in bed before me and Luke just watched YouTube videos until I got up and did the lunch for work, I fed Rocky before tidying the bedroom. I cleaned my make-up brushes and changed my bag before I had my dinner. I sat in the back garden with my mum for a while as the weather was lovely again. I decided to go in and iron my clothes before running myself a lovely bath which was so relaxing. I dried and straightened my hair before planning my next week in my diary. I then got my laptop and headed downstairs to get my blog stuff up to date. Once it was all done I made myself a cup of tea and decided to play Sims for a little bit - Kind of obsessed again. The rest of the evening once Luke was home we just relaxed in bed which was lovely.
How was your week?

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