Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why I Started Vintageheartsxo?

  Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would do something a little different and actually talk about why I started my blog all that time ago and where I got my name from because I haven’t ever really talked about it on my blog so I thought tonight would be the night.
  So I created my blog back in February 2013 which is when I posted my first blog post on here kind of like an introduction (By the way I keep all my posts on so you can look back to my first post if you are interested!) so in 2013 I did around 14 posts on my blog which I was kind of just blogging when I felt like it so I didn’t really stick to it. In 2014 I only did 7 posts that year so again I honestly didn’t really stick to writing up blog posts or anything like that as I honestly didn’t enjoy it back then. In 2015 this is when my blog picked up and I was posting every week and actually kept up to it, so even though I started Vintageheartsxo in 2013 I actually don’t count the first two years as I don’t feel like I fully got into my blog until 2015 – So to me Vintageheartsxo started in January 2015 so I’ve been doing my blog for 2 years now and I honestly didn’t know it was that long (Time flies when you’re having fun…Right?)

  I started my pictures with my old camera which I honestly can’t remember the brand or anything but the quality wasn’t too great but I took my pictures in the bathroom with some fairy lights as the background because the light was the best in there and sometimes I took my pictures in my bedroom on top of my DVD stand – I didn’t understand what I good background was back then. At the end of 2015 for Christmas I treated myself to the Canon Powershot SX510HS which I used for well over a year and the quality of my pictures were so much better and I took my pictures with some white brick wallpaper as my background. This is when my blog picked up its quality! In around September 2016 I got myself the Canon 600D as I just wanted to upgrade my photography and also YouTube has always been something I wanted to start so this was another reason I wanted the camera. I changed my background to a light wood effect and I love the background of my pictures now and the quality is just so much better so I know I’ve improved so much and I love to see the difference – I can’t wait to see the other changes to my photography and blog content!

  So as for my blog name Vintageheartsxo I actually thought of this years and years ago for my Tumblr username and ever since it’s just stuck, I used Vintageheartsxo for many fashion and art projects for school so it’s kind of always stuck so when I needed a blog name I knew exactly what I wanted to use and if I’m honest there’s no real reason why I liked Vintageheartsxo it’s just always been with me so I knew my blog needed to have that name and if I’m honest I love my blog name and I really don’t think I will ever want to change it but I don’t know what the future holds for my blog so only time will tell but for now Vintageheartsxo is the perfect fit for me!

  All I can say is the last 2 years of blogging has been incredible for me as I’m just so proud of myself for actually sticking with something and actually having a passion for it. I have taken something which just started as a little bit of fun and a little space on the internet to share what I love into something I spend most of my free time on and if anything I love it. I can’t think of any other way to spend my time now and I just wonder what I did with all my free time before I started my blog. I’ve only been to one blogging event since I started my blog as some I just can’t fit into my schedule when I work full time but I hope to get invited to some this year and actually attend them as the company I work for now don’t mind you taking holidays so I should be able to attend them. As for twitter chats and actually communicating with bloggers I’m slowly getting better at it but I’m such a shy and timid person I find it hard to kind of get myself out there as a blogger sometimes.
How did you start your blog?

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