Friday, 7 April 2017

Avon Perceive Perfume - Review

Hello Everyone!
  So for this week’s beauty post I decided to do a little review on the perfume I’ve recently been loving to wear on a daily basis so I thought I would share my thoughts on it.
  The perfume is actually from Avon which I picked it up on my last campaign as it was so inexpensive as you got a 50ml bottle for £10 which I thought was so good! So the main thing that drew me in was the packaging as it was a lovely glass shaped bottle which it stands upright which is something I always look for in a perfume as I have mine on display so I like them to all be upright etc – I just can’t help it. The perfume inside the bottle is a lovely light blue shade so it’s just stunning to look at which is why I was drawn to it in the campaign apart from the cheap price too.
  So the lasting power of the perfume isn’t the greatest which I will admit but I like to re-apply perfume throughout the day anyway to just keep myself smelling nice so no matter what perfume I use I will always be topping it up either way but the scent of this is just such a lovely feminine scent which isn’t my normal scent if I’m honest but I took a liking to this scent. I wouldn’t say it’s floral but I also wouldn’t say it’s musky so it’s kind of in the middle but it’s a lovely scent. I get compliments when I wear this perfume which always tells me it’s a good scent. I do wear this mainly whilst I’m at work as it’s not too overpowering and it’s just enough to keep me smelling nice but it’s also not in your face as I’ve worn some perfume and it gets too much for me throughout the day so I like to steer clear from those kind of perfumes now. Avon is a brand I have to admit keep the packaging as one of their main priorities in my opinion which I like that in a brand as I feel the packaging makes or breaks a product but this one definitely makes the perfume.

  I definitely would recommend this perfume if you’re looking for a daily scent which isn’t too much, As I said it was inexpensive which is always a bonus but I would definitely still pick this up even if it was a bit more pricey as I know I will use this perfume so the price doesn’t really bother me. I can’t say how you can pick this up as of course I picked this up from Avon when I was a representative but I do know you can order online from Avon now so you could definitely give that a go or maybe look on Ebay I’m sure you could find this somewhere online to give it a go but I really do like this perfume which I didn’t actually expect much for an Avon perfume but I really do like the scent, packaging and everything about this product – I can’t praise this enough!
Have you tried any Avon perfumes?

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