Monday, 3 April 2017

Health Always Comes First!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to have my weekly chat, I’d recommend a cup of tea and a few pack of biscuits so please feel free to go grab yourself some and head back.
  So last week was a very strange one for me, I mean very strange… Monday was perfectly fine I had work all day and came home to just relax for a little while. Tuesday again started off perfectly fine I finished work and came home to start doing my lunch for work but then ended up with me heading to the hospital which I spent all Tuesday evening there which wasn’t how I expected to spend my evening as I just expected a nice shower and get into my pj’s which that didn’t happen. I got home in the early morning which I had my bloods and an examination take place before I came home. I had planned to go into work on the Wednesday so once I was home I washed my hair and had something to eat before getting into bed to get some sleep. I got up at half six and started getting ready to find out it was still happening (I don’t want to really go into much detail as it’s not the nicest thing to really talk about so I won’t go into detail) so I booked myself into the doctors and got the rest of it checked out which she said it’s very normal and should hopefully heal in the next few weeks but I also don’t need to have the camera – Good news! The rest of the day I spent with my mum and nan before picking Aiden up from school and going for his parents evening.

  The last week or so has just proved to me that your health always has to come first and sometimes it’s a sign you need a rest, I’m someone who likes to stick to my routine so if I have something like this happen it knocks the routine out but you know what I loved it, (I didn’t love the hospital part) but I loved the day off to just relax. I am someone who also doesn’t take holidays unless I have something planned or it’s some kind of occasion but I need to take more holidays off. I left work on Tuesday feeling very stressed and panicked, I came back feeling more calm and refreshed without any stress which was lovely. I mean on my day off I treated myself to a few things but it was nice to actually do that. Last week also proved you can’t trust everyone – I’ve used Depop for quite a while now and if anything it’s always been fine but I decided to buy myself a Vivienne Westwood watch which I had seen someone selling for £90 and she seemed like a lovely girl, A few days later the money had gone out of my account and she’d deleted her account – Great! So let’s just say it wasn’t the best week for me last week, If you know of any ideas to get the money back then please do let me know. The rest of the week was perfectly fine but that was the worst part of my week by far! I have to say my boss is lovely as he rang me on the Wednesday when I was off to make sure I was okay so kind of feel like I’ve found my feet with my job too which is a lovely feeling.

  So from this week I’ve learnt my health is always the most important thing, having a rest is definitely needed sometimes and don’t trust everyone (Also delete the app as spending too much money!) That’s what I’ve learnt this week which was kind of a good week but kind of failed too.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Lovely, you should be able to make a claim through Depop so long as you paid through them - read about it here:

    Don't let them rip you off! xx

    1. Ah Thank You so much I'll definitely have a look! It's such a shame:)
      Thank you for reading, Meg xo