Friday, 28 April 2017

Jelly Bean Bath Products - Review

Hello Everyone!
  So this week’s post is a little different but I thought I would share a few bath products I picked up recently from B&M and give my opinion on them.
  As I said I picked these up in B&M a while ago now but I’ve finally used them enough on my pamper evenings to say if I actually like them or not, So the first thing I will say is you got all three products for I think around £3.99 which I didn’t think was too expensive and I knew I wouldn’t use a lot of the products so I knew they would last quite a while. I will talk about the packaging etc then will explain the products separately, so the packaging is actually really cute in my opinion. The small jars are plastic which is good as I do tend to drop a lot of my bath products by accident when I’m putting stuff in the bath etc so I don’t feel too scared as I know they won’t break too easily, I love the red lids which they are more of a metallic red which I really liked that on the packaging. I also really like the labels as I just find them very cute but let’s get into the products.
  First up, Raspberry  bath salts which recently I’ve started using bath salts and things like that in the bath and I’ve really enjoyed using them and these smell amazing! Once they are in the bath though the scent seems to disappear which is kind of a shame as they honestly smell incredible and if I’m honest I started putting more and more into the bath to try and get the scent to linger in the bath but it just didn’t work so I was using a lot of the bath salts for no reason, I have to say they smell incredible inside the container but once in the bath water they definitely are a let-down.
   Next up, The Blueberry bath confetti which again smelt incredible inside the container but once in the bath water the scent disappeared and the confetti is a foam consistency shaped like little petals which I think is a nice touch which even though the scent disappears I do like these in the bath as it feels more luxurious when there’s some little petals floating in the bath or is that just me? They do take a while to dissolve which is a bit of a pain but they do eventually so it doesn’t really bother me but these are definitely my favourite out of the three even though the raspberry jam ones smell amazing!
  Last but not least, Strawberry Jam caviar which I just don’t see what these are supposed to do in the bath but again the scent is lovely but doesn’t last. This product is little balls which you just pop in the bath but I don’t see any difference in the bath or any kind of scent in the bath so these are definitely another product which is a fail in my opinion.

  So I’m normally quite positive when it comes to reviews but I honestly just don’t really get on with these in my bath, I mean they smell amazing before you pop into the bath but afterwards they are a let-down. I did say the bath confetti is my favourites out of all three and it is but they are not products I reach for when I have a pamper but I mean they would be perfect for girls possibly early teenager as it’s a nice little treat for the bath but I like strong smelling bath products and I would rather pick up a Lush bath bomb than use these but if I think back to when I was 14-15 I would of loved to have these for my bath so I do recommend them but they weren’t as good as I was expecting.
Have you tried these?

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