Friday, 14 April 2017

Modern Renaissance Dupe Palette - Review

Hello Everyone!
  So for today’s post I thought I would share my thoughts on the Modern Renaissance palette but this is actually the dupe which I picked up from Ebay recently.
  I will start off by saying I do not own the original palette so this isn’t really a review which I am comparing both palette’s but I thought I would give you my thoughts on a cheaper alternative, I have attempted to pick the original palette up multiple times yet I can never get hold of it! So I thought I would get the cheaper version and see how well it works. So the Modern Renaissance palette stood out because of the eyeshadow shades which I just think they are so out of my comfort zone that I really wanted to try this palette. So the palette itself has 14 shades in it which means there is plenty of looks you can achieve with this palette. There is definitely more matte shades compared to shimmer shades in this palette which I do prefer shimmer shades as I feel they make my eyes pop more. So for dupe wise the packaging looks identical apart from a few mishaps which you can’t spot unless you know what you are looking for. The palette is slightly thicker compared to the original but again you can only see that if you know what you are looking for. My favourite shades from this palette definitely has to be Burnt Orange, Red Ochre and Realgar as these are such beautiful orange and red shades but they are so out of my comfort zone but once I played around with them for a little while I really liked how they looked. The matte shades are definitely pigmented in this palette but the shimmers not so much which of course in the original palette they will be stunning but I have found with the shimmer shades if I add some MAC Fix + on my brush they are a lot more pigmented (Just a little tip!) So overall this palette is perfect for the price as I’m sure I spent around 7-9 pound from Ebay but of course just remember this is a dupe for the original so it won’t be as great as the original but for a dupe I think the standard is pretty good for this palette as it looks very similar to the original apart from the few mishaps – Such a good buy!

  I will definitely be picking up the original palette when I get my hands on it but I will say if the shades are a bit too much for you but you still want to give them a go then I would recommend picking this one up first to see if you actually like the palette rather than paying full price first. The standard is amazing for this palette so you’re definitely not missing out on much from the original. I’m so glad I tested this palette first as I really didn’t know if I would like the shades but I adore them now I’ve tested them all on my pale skin but I really do love them- Pinks are not my shades but I’m slowly starting to like them whereas orange and reds have always been something I’ve wanted to incorporate into my boring gold/brown eye look for my daily routine.

Have you got the dupe or original Modern Renaissance Palette?

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