Wednesday, 19 April 2017

My Favourite Series

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share one of my favourite series which I have ever read and I still haven’t read another series which I really love as much of this- So good!
 I was browsing through Amazon a while back now and saw the “Sweet Thing” book by Renee Carlino which I’ve never heard of this author until I saw these books but the blurb drew me in but I will definitely be picking up some new books by her. The blurb was incredible for this book so I knew I needed to read it. So the story starts with a prologue which made me fall in love with this book before I even read the book (Good Start!) So the prologue starts in the airport with the perspective of a mother who is an author taking in everyone in the airport including Mia which I thought was a great way to start the book. So Mia is a graduate which her true love is music but she just doesn’t know what she wants in life so when her father unexpectedly dies she heads off to New York City to take over his café until she decides what she wants in life. So in the beginning of the book Mia meets Will in the airport and on the flight they spend it just chatting about music but go their separate ways which throughout the book they become friends and end up roommates which Mia says they will just stay friends but I knew there was more of a spark than friends. So I loved Mia’s character but she was very annoying at certain points and very childish which made me want to shake her and make her see sense but I did like her character throughout the book. As for Will I fell in love with him almost instantly and I just wanted to jump into the book and run off with him which I know isn’t possible but he was just a lovable character but Mia did push him at times with her attitude. This story just had me from the beginning but I just loved the story, characters and overall feel for the book I really recommend picking this book up if you love contemporary books.

  So once I had read the first book I saw “Sweet Little Thing” on Amazon so I searched on Goodreads to find out it’s actually the next book in the series, I’m saying series as this is #1.5 in the series so I’m desperate for another book (I really hope so!) I just want to say I adore the covers of both books as they just fit the story perfectly but they also look lovely on my shelf. So I didn’t read the blurb when I went into this book so I was expecting Mia’s point of view but no we got Will’s and I was so so happy! So I don’t want to spoil the first book by giving spoilers away so I will just say in this book we see Will and Mia grow stronger and new chapters arise which I was so excited to carry on with this. Once I finished this book I wasn’t heartbroken as such I mean I hated the fact the story was done and I couldn’t carry on but I was so content with the ending and how everything panned out it was the perfect bittersweet ending for the story but I am so desperate for another book so I really hope Renee brings another book out following Mia and Will’s story.

  So I will say this is one of my favourite series to date it really is and even now when I’ve read books since the series I still sit and think about the story which is always a good sign to me. I really do recommend this series to anyone who loves a good contemporary book but also to anyone who is wanting to try a contemporary book out as the story was just so beautiful, I think I need to read some more of Renee Carlino’s books – I will definitely do some reviews once I’ve finished them.
Have you read this series?

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