Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My First Ever Book Series

Hello Everyone!
  So for today’s post I’m going to be doing another book related post so I apologise if you don’t enjoy these kind of posts but I’ve just been loving talking about books recently.
  The first ever series I ever picked up and actually finished was The Summer I Turned Pretty series by Jenny Han which I got these for my 16th birthday and if anything these are what started my ‘Reading Journey’ if I should call it that as I felt that when I turned 16 I got into reading properly and once I had finished this series I kind of just kept reading which is always good to think back. So as I said I got these for my 16th birthday and they are still holding up quite well but I may need to buy new ones soon as they’ve been re-read so many times but I may get hardback versions this time round. So The Summer I Turned Pretty series is a 3 book series but I loved every single one of them. I have to say I haven’t read these for so long now so another read of these is definitely coming soon but the story follows Belly and her family which is her mum and brother. All three of them spend the summers at their mum’s friend’s summer house where they have gone every year so if anything they are like extended family. Belly looks forward to every summer when they go to the summer house but this summer is a little different as the two boys who she has classed as brother figures all her life but secretly have crushes on both of them start to see her in a different light.

  So I’m not going to go into too much detail as I feel that would spoil the series for anyone who hasn’t actually read the books. Also these books are quite hit and miss as some people like them some people hate them so I kind of think it depends what type of genre’s you enjoy reading but I personally loved these. So Belly was a character I kind of grew to like as I feel throughout the 3 books it’s as if you grow up with her which is nice I thought – The books are taken over more than one summer. Conrad and Jeremiah were the perfect boys for this series I thought and throughout the books I always kept changing my mind with who I wanted Belly to go with. I feel as though these books were the perfect read for me when I was 16 as they were just the perfect ‘Teenage’ read in my opinion but that doesn’t mean I won’t read them again because I’m definitely going to read these this summer I can’t wait! So throughout the three books I left the series feeling like I was part of the family as you see the highs and the lows which was actually really nice.

  I’m going to keep this post quite simple as I could definitely ramble on but feel like I would tell spoilers of the story and stuff like that but I’m honestly so glad I picked these up and actually read the series all that time ago as they are still one of my favourite series but as I said I can re-read these and still not get bored of the storyline which shows how good these books are.  I would recommend this series to anyone who likes contemporary books, I know this series is aimed more for teenagers but this series could be read by anyone as it just one of those feel good series but it’s definitely one to be read in the summer as it just fits perfectly in my opinion. I will say once I had read the full series I was still wanting more so I feel like it’s one of those which I just wanted to carry on forever which I know isn’t possible but I just loved the series so much! If you have read this or you end up reading it please leave your opinions in the comments so we can have a chat about the series.

Have you read this series?

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