Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My New Love - Kikki K Planner

Hello Everyone!
  So this week I’m going to be talking to you about one of my new loves which is the Kikki K planner which I picked up from Ebay and I thought I would share what I love about it and what I keep inside my planner.
  Planners have always been something I’ve wanted to get into but if anything I get bored of keeping them up to date but also my weeks can change quite easily so I can’t keep my week set in stone but either way I was looking on Ebay and found the Rose Gold Kikki K A5 planner which I had been lusting over for a while so I decided to bid on it and I won! So once it came I got it all set up and I’ve been using it ever since but as I said I wanted to talk through how I’ve set it up.
  So my planner starts out with two little note inserts on the inside flap which these came with the planner so I have just kept them on there, The top one is ‘Notes’ and the bottom one is ‘To-Do’ so I like to have them there in case I need to jot anything down. On the inside flap I just keep some stickers in there but I don’t really decorate my planner as such as I like to keep it simple. So I have inserts which I got off Ebay but they are pink and purple cats and I just love them but I also have a see through insert which has 2017 laid out just so I can easily see dates etc.
  Onto the next part of my planner which is a ‘Birthdays and Anniversaries’ insert which I got off google from somewhere as it was a print off insert but it basically has all the dates I need to remember at a glance and I honestly love this little insert in my planner.
  Next part is my week in two pages inserts which are the Filofax ones as I do really like these, As you can see I’m colour coded when it comes to planning so Blue is just hobbies or things I want to get done. Purple is all to do with my blog, Black is mainly my showers etc just basic things I need to get done. I just prefer it this way so I can see things clearly and things like that. As for the inserts I just prefer a week on two pages so I can write everything down but also it just looks neater.
  Next part of my planner is To-Do notes which this insert is from Paperchase but I like to have these in my planner so I can write everything down I need to do and then cross them out once done. At the time of taking the pictures it was a new day so nothing was planned yet.
  The next insert is ‘Meeting Notes’ which is from Paperchase also but I don’t use these inserts but these are just in here because for some reason I feel I will use these one day (One day!).
  The final part of my planner is Notes section which this one is my blog post ideas, These are the Filofax lined ones but I did pick up some pastel coloured ones off Ebay which I prefer so much more but I love having a notes page as I feel more organised so I love these.
  The final bit of my planner is the Notes which comes with the Kikki K planners as it slots into the back of the planner which actually it’s only quite thin so I don’t mind keeping this in but as I said I love having notes in my planners.
Do you own a planner?


  1. OH, whaat a planner is that! Perfect <3<3<3<3<3

    1. Ah Thank You, It was such a good purchase I love it!<3
      Thanks for reading, Meg xo