Monday, 17 April 2017

Oh How Things Change!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and its bank holiday woo! I’m currently sat with a cup of tea enjoying my time off as I’m also off tomorrow which is a lovely little treat.
  First things first I feel as though I talk a lot about money on my blog which for recent months it’s been a pretty horrendous time when it comes to money yet I kind of feel a lot less… stressed. I stress over everything which money has been a big issue recently as I can never seem to get back on top but I do treat myself quite a lot in the month but it’s my hard earned cash which I get up every day to go to work for it so in a way I kind of deserve to treat myself every once in a while. The past month I kind of had a little realisation why do I worry so much? As long as I’ve paid my bills that’s all that matters right?! I mean saving wise that’s kind of failed miserably so the house deposit is kind of at a standstill right now but again it’ll happen at the right time? I’m desperate to get my house deposit together but something always creeps up or I just know it’s going to take ages and well it kind of makes me think what’s the point… Such a bad mind-set! Yet I will get the saving started soon I really do mean it, This month thought I kind of thought I should treat myself if the bills have been paid and I should go out with Luke for meals or cinema dates if the bills are paid because that’s the right thing to do so that’s what I’ve been doing and you know what I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

  Money is the root to all evil is what my Mum and Nan used to say when I was growing up and you know what I couldn’t agree more. I’m someone who saved a lot of my money which then went on my car insurance etc so in a way I have my car to show for that money but I kind of panic when I get to a certain amount in the bank and think I can’t spend anymore yet I still buy that bag or those shoes because my mind-set has changed and because I want to enjoy myself rather than worry. I spent so much time worrying or working so I should enjoy myself which I’ve started doing it and I love it so so much! I do have quite a lot of direct debits going out of my bank on a monthly basis but there’s nothing I can really get rid of so I’ve kind of got used to losing a lot of my monthly wage on bills but that’s been an adult right? I feel as though I’ve rambled so so much in this post so I’m really sorry but in these Monday posts I just like to get things off my mind which I’ve been thinking about recently and this week it’s money related but it’s not a negative post it’s more positive as I just feel so happy doing things I want to do on a weekend and treating myself to things I want.

I will leave this here as I’ll just keep rambling!
Do you worry about money?

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