Monday, 10 April 2017

Things Always Get Better!

  Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here for another little chat, this one may start off a little negative but I promise it’s a happy ending!
  Last week was such a strange week for me, the week started off well I was busy at work and spent the evenings just catching up on some stuff which was nice. Around the middle of the week I just started to feel fed up and stressed, if I’m honest I think it’s a mixture of quite a few things including the move at work as I was panicking about getting everything packed etc in time but I’ve got quite a lot done in the last few days so I’m not stressing as much. I’m trying my hardest to not panic and just take things as they come but I’m a worrier so that never works. By the weekend I was feeling myself again which was good and I treated myself to a few things from Very which was nice. I also think my hormones played a big part on how I was feeling last week as it’s slowly coming to my time of the month and I’m always a mess – Like always! But less of the negative stuff because the week did end on a lovely note which was good. So my Very order was more of an unexpected one but I decided to pick up a new bag… My ongoing collection but whenever I’m feeling down or fed up I will always look at new bags and will normally buy one. They are my like pleasure as such ever since I’ve been little I’ve just loved bags and I think everyone who is close to me like my mum, dad, Luke etc they just know how much I love bags and they learnt to just let me get on with it haha! But I also decided to pick up a perfume as I’m in need of a new perfume so I’m trying to pick up ones I’ve always wanted to try and build a small collection of ones I love.

  So in a way I had a lovely week but me and my mum have already planned what we are doing when payday comes around as we have said we want to go get acrylics again so that’s what we are going to treat ourselves to as we’ve been to Primark for the last few months when we’ve both been paid and this month we’ve decided to give it a miss and let all the new stock get put out before we go again. So when payday comes around I will have quite a bit of spare money to play with since I won’t be spending in Primark so I may pick up a few bits I’ve been wanting to try for a while like a few bits from Make-up Revolution or some Make-up Geek eyeshadows so we will see what I pick up, I will also need some bath bombs which I’ve now started buying from a little shop near my home as it’s closer for me but also it’s a family run shop and they make them all handmade so I kind good when I buy from there. As much as I love them from Lush I just feel a lot better when buying from there which they have an online shop HERE so you can have a look but the bath bombs are such good quality so I’m glad I found that shop.

  I really hope you had a lovely week last week and if you haven’t or your feeling down just remember it can only get better which is what I try to remind myself of when I’m having bad days or I treat myself to another bag and you know that always seems to cheer me up!
I hope you have a lovely week!

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