Sunday, 2 April 2017

Weekly Summary #90

Can we just appreciate I’ve done these for 90 weeks!

(Weekly Summary 27/03-02/04)

  Monday – I woke up at half six and started to get ready for work, Once Luke was up I made the bed and finished my make-up. I decided to wear my new cardigan and shoes which I picked up from Primark and they are so comfy! Work wasn’t too bad today I was mainly just catching up with everything for the week ahead as I like to be in front with things so I like to have a to-do list in the morning and get it all done. After work once I was home we headed to Tesco as I needed the bank and I picked up a few things for my lunch. Once we got home I got into my comfy clothes and watched some YouTube before Luke was home which we then just watched TV for the rest of the evening.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six which Luke was off today and tomorrow so I got up and sat on the floor with all my make-up around me and started getting ready. I was ready so early today and had like an hour before we headed to work so I decided to just chat with my mum and catch up on YouTube videos. Work was so stressful today as I’m helping another department but also another girl is on holiday for two weeks so I’m attempting to help her too – I got far too stressed and panicked today. After work I got home and had a look at Luke’s bike before doing my lunch for work, I headed to the toilet to find a lot of blood (TMI Sorry!) so I went to the A&E where I spent the next however many hours sat watching TV before having an examination and some bloods taking. Again I was there for a few more hours before finally getting home which I had something to eat and washed my hair before getting into bed and falling asleep – I was shattered.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six as I wanted to go to work as in myself I felt completely fine. I got all my stuff sorted to get ready before heading to the toilet again to find more blood so I decided to book myself into the doctors which the hospital actually wanted me to go for the camera operation thing so I knew I needed to book into my doctors anyway. I sat with Luke downstairs for a bit before we both started to get ready, I headed to my Nan’s whilst Luke headed to his mums as she had a hospital appointment today. I sat with my Nan for a while before my Mum got back from her interview which we spent the next hour or so shopping before I had my appointment which the doctor told me she didn’t want me to have the camera and it should heal in a few weeks. We headed for lunch before going back to my Nan’s. We picked Aiden up from school and went for a walk round Asda before we went to his parent’s evening which was really good. Once we got back I headed to Tesco as I needed a few things which once I was back I had a shower and waited for Luke as we were having a takeaway for tea, After we’d eaten we headed to bed and I fell asleep.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and felt shattered but I got up and made the bed as Luke was back at work today too, I started getting ready before Luke headed off and I made myself breakfast before finishing getting ready which I decided to wear my new top from New Look and I really love it, I also picked up a bag from new Look which is lovely too. Work was lovely today I got all my work up to date but didn’t feel stressed or panicky which was nice. Once I got home I cleansed my face and got into my pj’s which I decided to just watch some YouTube videos and read some of my book. I decided to just have a chilled evening to unwind after the last few days. Once Luke was home we went to the shop before coming back so he could have his tea, we spent the rest of the evening just watching YouTube videos which was lovely.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and just laid in bed with Luke until we both got up. I made the bed and started doing my make-up before I helped Luke out. I made my breakfast which I took upstairs to finish getting ready. Once I was ready I just sat chatting to my mum before I headed to work. Work was lovely today I spent the morning catching up with all my work for the next week before heading to the new office for a look round which it's so exciting. We headed for a late lunch which I decided on lasagna and salad which was so nice, I was so full afterwards. Once we got back to work I finished my bit of work off before it was home time. I got a shower once I was home and dried my hair before getting my planner and planning the next week and some blog post ideas. I caught up on YouTube and some blog stuff before playing Sims. Once it was starting to get late I went up to bed and decided to keep watching some YouTube videos until I was tired. Once I started to get tired I got into bed and went to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at half six but it felt so nice to know I could have a lie in, I woke back up at eight and just caught up on a few YouTube videos. I got up and made myself some breakfast and again caught back up on YouTube - I'm so behind so I kind of want to get back in front. I stayed on the sofa for most of the morning before I headed upstairs to do some blog pictures and clean my bedroom. I got the Ipad out and caught up on some more YouTube before Luke got home.  We spent the afternoon just catching up with each other before he headed back out. I was supposed to be heading out with the girls from the office but I was in agony with my stomach (The hospital trip at the beginning of the week!) So I decided not to risk it so I got my laptop and did some blog stuff which was nice to actually get back into blogging again. I spent the rest of the evening just chatting with my mum which was lovely, Once Luke was home we spent the evening watching a film before we headed to sleep.

  Sunday- I woke up at half eight and just laid in bed catching up on social media. I got up at half nine and made myself breakfast before sitting back in bed eating my breakfast. Once I'd eaten I went down and did lunch for work before heading back upstairs which Luke was now awake so we both got ready and went out as I wanted to clean the car which it's lovely and clean now. We headed back in and I cleaned my make-up brushes and fed Rocky before Luke headed out. I ironed our clothes for work before I tidied the bedroom again and had dinner. I ran myself a lovely bath which I wasn't in long as my mum asked if I wanted to go shopping with her so I got out and dried my hair whilst my mum had her bath. We headed shopping and picked up a few things and headed to my Nan's to drop something off then headed home. I got changed into my pj's before painting my nails and tidying my bag. I had something to eat before watching a film with my mum and dad, I did some blog stuff before Luke got home. We spent the rest of the evening in bed watching Power.
How was your week?

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