Sunday, 9 April 2017

Weekly Summary #91

(Weekly Summary 03/04-09/04)
  Monday- I woke up at half six and felt shattered but that’s just normal for a Monday morning now, I got up and made sure Luke was awake before I made the bed and started doing my make-up. I had breakfast once Luke headed to work which I had bran flakes and a cup of tea whilst finishing getting ready. I sat downstairs and chatted with my Mum and Nan before I headed to work. Work was very hectic today I spent the morning getting all my work done before covering reception then came back upstairs to start packing my desk etc up as we move offices pretty soon and I haven’t started packing yet – Definitely starting to panic. Once it was home time I got home and fed Rocky before doing my lunch for work and picking out my clothes. I decided to spend the evening watching YouTube videos and planning my week with my new diary and updating everything in it before Luke got home. Once Luke was home we spent the evening watching Power in bed which was lovely.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half three and was just laid in bed as I just couldn’t sleep so I was just tossing and turning for most of the early hours but must of drifted back off around 5am but woke back up at 6 ready for work – Shattered is the best word. I made the bed whilst Luke was getting ready before I started doing my make-up. Once Luke headed to work I finished my make-up before having my breakfast which it was lovely to actually sit and watch a YouTube video whilst eating my breakfast. Work was quite busy in the morning and I had a buffet to prepare for a meeting before I had my lunch and spent the afternoon packing stuff up. After work I did the lunches for work and picked my outfit before I had a shower and had tea which was Spag Bol – It was lovely. Once Luke was home he had a bath then we just relaxed watching TV.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half six and made the bed once Luke was awake, I decided to have breakfast before attempting to get ready so I just sat chatting to Luke. Once Luke headed to work I started to get ready whilst watching YouTube videos. Work was quite hectic today and I think it’s just been one of those weeks for me if I’m honest. Once I was home I had tea which was korma, rice and some chips which I really enjoyed it actually and it was lovely. I changed my bag before just spending the rest of the evening reading my new book which was lovely. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we both got into bed and watched TV until we both fell asleep.

  Thursday – I woke up at half six and made sure Luke was awake before I got up and made the bed. I enjoyed having my breakfast before getting ready yesterday so I decided to do it again. Once Luke was off to work I started getting ready which I was ready quite early which was nice. Work was so busy again so it’s definitely been one of those weeks. After work I had a quick shower before I had tea which was chicken, chips and side salad which again was so lovely – This week’s meals have been amazing! The rest of the evening was spent ordering some new blog props and chatting with Luke which was nice. Once we were both tired we got into bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Friday – I’ve decided to leave Friday out of this week as it wasn’t my favourite part of the week (Due to some personal issues!) so let’s just get into Saturday…

  Saturday- I woke up at half eight and just laid in bed until nine and decided to get up and have some breakfast which I decided on cereals and a cup of tea. I just relaxed in bed for a bit before I got ready and headed out with Luke as his BMX needed fixing so I drove us to one of the shops but it didn't go as planned so we drove to another and got what we needed for his bike then went to pick his bike back up from another shop and I was so proud of how much I drove today. Once we got back Luke sorted his bike out and I swapped my bag to my new one which came. Luke headed out and I went shopping with my mum to Matalan for a bit. Once we got back I spent most of the afternoon in the front garden as the weather was lovely. Once it started to get a little colder we all came in and I ordered me and Luke a chinese so once we had eaten that we headed to bed to chill out.

  Sunday- I woke up at half three and was wide awake but so was Luke so we just laid in bed together until we drifted back off.  I woke back up at half nine so decided to get up and make breakfast which I decided on cereals and a cup of tea. Once I'd eaten I decided to clean the bedroom as it was in desperate need of cleaning even though I do it every week. I then did lunches for work and ironing which Luke had headed out so I helped my mum pot some plants in the front garden. I made myself a smoothie which was lovely and refreshing. I then headed upstairs to take some blog photos before I sat in the garden catching up on some blog stuff I needed to do. I caught up on YouTube and had dinner before I ran myself a lovely bath and relaxed for a while. Once I was out I dried and straightened my hair before I read some of my new book I'm reading. I then caught up on YouTube with a cup of tea which Luke was home then. We spent the evening just watching TV before we watched a film until we headed to sleep.
How was your week?

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