Sunday, 30 April 2017

Weekly Summary #94

(Weekly Summary 24/04-30/04/)

  Monday – I woke up at half six this morning desperately needing it to be the weekend as I was shattered. I got up and made sure Luke was awake before I headed down and made myself a cup of tea. I made the bed whilst Luke was getting ready for work. Once he had gone to work I started to get ready whilst catching up on YouTube videos. Work wasn’t too bad today actually I covered reception this morning then had lunch and spent the afternoon packing and making sure everything was sorted. After work I did my lunch for work and ironed my clothes before I did a small workout, I had tea before I watched a bit of Netflix and read some of my book. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we spent the evening watching a film on Netflix.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and headed down to make myself a cup of tea which I headed back upstairs to make sure Luke was awake. Work was such a good day today I spent the day just packing the last of my stuff up and double checking everything was packed before we headed out of that office for the last time. After work I just sorted my clothes out for tomorrow and did my lunch for work which we were starting later tomorrow with us starting at the new office so I just made something small to eat for my lunch. I had a nice shower which was lovely and relaxing before I got into bed and spent the evening just watching TV with Luke in bed.

  Wednesday- I woke up at half eight and got up to make myself some breakfast, I was starting work a bit later today so I started to get ready and Luke wasn't at work so we sat chatting whilst I got ready. We headed to the new work which my Mum drove me as I wasn't 100% how to get there and stuff. I spent the day unpacking everything and getting settled into my new desk which is so lovely. We all decided pizza's for lunch so we all sat in the kitchen eating those which was lovely. The afternoon was spent just making sure everything was sorted. Once we got home I decided to do a test run in my car which it went perfectly fine. I spent the rest of the evening catching up on YouTube, Once Luke was home we just watched TV and chatted about our days.

  Thursday- I got up at half six and made sure Luke was up before I had breakfast. Once Luke had headed to work I caught up on YouTube whilst I got ready but I hadn't slept much so I couldn't be bothered doing much make-up. Work was so strange today as we were at the new office so I feel as though it will take a while to get used to but I love it. Work was so busy as I was making sure everything was sorted and was just catching up on everything, I had phone training in the afternoon to get used to the new phones so that passed most of the afternoon on. Once it was home time I did my lunch for work and ironed my clothes before I had a lovely shower and spent the rest of the evening watching TV with Luke.

Friday- I woke up at half six and was in such a good mood which is always nice, I made sure Luke was up before I headed for breakfast and sat chatting to Luke. Once he had headed to work I got ready watching YouTube and listening to the new releases on Spotify which is now a Friday tradition before work on a Friday. Work wasn't too hectic which was good I made drinks for the meeting before trying to put the new letter trays together which I gave up on it in the end. Lunch time came round and me and two of the girls from the office decided to go to Harvester for lunch after a busy week and it was so lovely I loved my meal! It was definitely a good way to start the three day weekend. After work we headed to Iceland as my mum needed a few things and we decided to get fish shop for tea which was lovely. I washed my hair before I caught up on Netflix and spent the rest of the evening watching a film with Luke.

  Saturday- I woke up at half eight and just laid with Luke for a while before I got up and made breakfast which I decided on cereals and a cup of tea. I started getting ready and headed to the nail shop with my mum which I decided on natural with glitter tips which I love them. We headed to the bath bomb shop which I picked some up as I was running a little low and we then headed to the pound shop as I needed a few bits and bobs but I picked up so much stuff! I got back and had something to eat before me and Luke headed into town which we went into Zara, H&M, Pandora and a few more shops which I treated myself to a bag from H&M and Luke picked up a few of my birthday presents from Pandora and we got a free bracelet so I bought a charm for that. We headed for some Mexican food which we both got a burrito and it was lovely. We headed home and got changed before we headed to the cinema to see Guardian's of the galaxy 2 which it was really good just a little slow to start with. Me and Luke headed home which we both just crashed.

  Sunday- I woke up at half nine as we had such a late night but I got up and made myself some breakfast and just caught up on social media as yesterday was a day spent not using my phone much which it was lovely to actually enjoy the day. Me and Luke got ready before we headed to Tesco as Luke needed to pick up a few things for his brother's birthday and I picked up a few things for my car but Luke actually bought me some flowers which was lovely. We headed to his mum's to see his brother and drop his presents off before we headed home. Luke headed out as he was staying at his stepmums so I cleaned the bedroom and went for a drive with my Mum before we got back and I had pizza and chips before washing my hair. I spent the evening watching Riverdale before catching up on YouTube. I headed to bed with a hot chocolate and spent the rest of the night reading my book before I decided to try get some sleep - Such a lovely weekend!
How was your week?

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