Monday, 8 May 2017

A New Challenge!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to do my little chat which I always look forward to sitting down and actually typing these up as in a way they are a little snippet into things which have happened the previous week or what’s coming up.
  This month we moved into our new office which is a lot closer to my house which is nice but I decided I wanted to get back on the road and drive myself to work again. I had a little break from driving to work when I started my new job and I think I did lose a lot of my confidence as I was only driving little journeys on a weekend when I was going somewhere with Luke or it was just stuck outside. So this month I decided I would get back into it as if anything I was paying my car insurance to only use it on a weekend and my car insurance isn’t that cheap if I’m honest. So I started driving back to work last week and you know what it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and if anything it made me proud of myself to actually get back driving and not panicking. At the moment I set off a little early for work just so I can take my time and I don’t have to rush to make sure I’m on time and I can get a parking space whilst not many people are in the car park. Home time rolls round and it very hectic on my way home but I feel like I will get used to it the more and more I do it. I’m hoping to get my confidence back so I can start driving me and Luke places without panicking but again that comes in time and I just need to drive a bit more often but from when I first passed my test I’m definitely so much better and I just love my little car.

  June is slowly coming around which it’s my 21st birthday in June but it’s also when everything on my car needs renewing, Car insurance for example I did a quote last week I think to see how much it has dropped in the first year of driving and it will only cost me £100 per month from June this year which is such a big drop. June is also when my MOT is due on my car which hopefully there’s nothing wrong with my car which it runs smoothly and everything so I doubt it will but that’s another expense for June. Also my breakdown cover needs renewing too so I need to find a good quote for that I think but June is such a busy month when it comes to my car but I know I will be saving a lot of money which is good as the money I am saving will go into my saving account which is good.

  So I’m going to stop this post here otherwise I could ramble on and on but I am proud of myself for getting back behind the wheel and actually making progress at getting my confidence back.
How did you get your confidence back?

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