Friday, 12 May 2017

April Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So this week I’m here to show you what I loved in the month of April, I said this in my May Goals but I’m really sorry this is going up a lot later than expected I just didn’t realise how soon it was until May but I can finally sit down and get these posts sorted for another month.
  April was a great month for me, I moved into my new office at work which is a lot closer to home but also it’s just a lot more relaxed which is nice. This month was just one of those months were I came out feeling so happy and content, I got a new tattoo in April and treated myself to more stuff I probably didn’t necessary need but that’s how I like it – I didn’t just treat myself either!

  So onto the things I loved in April, This month I tried a few new make-up products but I also found some gems which were already in my collection. The first product I loved this month was The Balm Hot Mama! Blush which I bought this so long ago but this just adds such a lovely colour to my cheeks and the packaging is always a bonus. The next favourite is the Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray which I got these for Christmas but I’ve only just started using this but I love the scent although it doesn’t last too long but it is a body spray so I don’t expect it to last all day. The next favourite is the Freedom Bronzed Pro in Warm Lights I picked this up as I wanted a light bronzer to contour with and this is absolutely perfect. The next product is the L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr Foundation in Porcelain this foundation gives the perfect coverage and lasts all day without moving. Next up is I <3 Make-up Go Bronzer in Chocolate Heaven I did pick this up because of the packaging but the bronzer is lovely to use as a contour shade when I want it a bit darker. One of my favourite lipsticks in April was Avon Lipstick in On The Buff which this is just the perfect brown nude and it just looks so natural so perfect for work. A perfume I loved in April was Vivienne Westwood Mon Boudoir Perfume I bought this in April and used it every day as the scent is so lovely. Last favourite for April has to be the Make-up Revolution Skin Kiss in Ice Kiss this highlighter is AMAZING! It’s such a lovely white shade but the highlight is blinding! All these products were so good this month.
Films –
  Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 – I went to see this with Luke this month and I loved the first one so I was expecting good things which I loved it although it was a little slow at the beginning but towards the end it was amazing and Baby Groot was so adorable.
Tv Shows-
  Riverdale – I started Riverdale this month and got up to date with it within 2 days so you can say I got addicted to it, I just found the storyline so gripping and the characters are so relatable so I’m waiting for each Friday to come round ready for another episode.
  13 Reasons Why – I started this alongside Riverdale and I’m loving it so far although I haven’t finished it yet but I’m excited to see what happens but I think it has a good message behind it.
Music –
  There’s Nothin’ Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes : This song came out in April and I’ve been addicted to it, It’s one of those songs which just puts me in a good mood and I love it.
  Rollin’ – Shakka : Luke showed me this song in April and I just fell in love with it I will definitely keep playing this in the oncoming months.
  September Song – JP Cooper : This song has always been a favourite of mine but I feel when I listen to this song it just puts me at ease so I really enjoy listening to this song.
What was your favourites in April?

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