Friday, 19 May 2017

Avon Far Away Perfume - Review

Hello Everyone!
  So for this week’s beauty post I’m going to be doing a review on one of my current favourite perfumes.
  The perfume I am going to be talking about today is one from Avon which is the Far Away perfume which I have always adored this perfume as it smells amazing and last such a long time on the skin! Every time they bring a new version out I have to give it a try which I actually picked this up before I stopped being part of Avon so when I do run out of this I will need to find it online somewhere which hopefully I can as it’s such a lovely perfume. So let’s talk about the packaging first it is quite a small bottle in my opinion but you really don’t need to apply that much of it for it to last all day so it definitely will last a long time. I loved the fact that this perfume was a purple bottle and top with the purple ribbon as it’s one of my favourite colours and if anything it looks like such a feminine perfume. The box itself is also lovely as it’s an ombre effect on the box and it looks like glitter is also on the box which I think overall the perfume is just stunning to look at, Box as well.

  So onto the scent now Far Away is known for its lasting power which is one reason why I love Far Away which in my opinion I find it quite musky but I prefer musky scents rather than floral girly scents. This perfume is actually called Far Away Bella Sunset and I have to be honest this scent reminds me of holiday for some reason, It has a coconut kind of scent which I actually really like. The lasting power isn’t as good as the original Far Away but it does last all day but I don’t actually mind carrying this inside my bag to top up throughout the day which it’s not needed to top up but it’s such a dinky little bottle it can easily fit inside my bag. I just love how inexpensive the perfumes from Avon are but the quality is amazing, I don’t like to pay too much for perfumes but the Far Away range is absolutely amazing! I’m definitely going to repurchase this perfume once I’ve finished it but I am trying to keep switching my perfumes around so I don’t keep using the same ones.

  Lastly I would recommend this to most people who like the more muskier scents as I wouldn’t say this is floral at all I mean it’s a lot more ‘tropical’ with the coconuts and stuff like that but I really adore that scent on myself and it’s such a lovely feminine bottle which I really like this perfume been on display as it just looks so lovely next to my other perfumes.
Have you tried this perfume?

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