Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Current Music Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So I’m here today to show you my current music favourites, I did this a while ago but actually loved sitting and picking a few of my favourite songs and albums.
  Music is something I listen to everyday and all day if I could but recently I’ve slowly been getting back into listening to music and actually taking time out of my day to enjoy certain albums etc but I thought I would share my current favourite songs and playlists from Spotify.

  There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back – Shawn Mendes: This is kind of a recent release but I love it! I’ve slowly grown to like Shawn as an artist and I love his music but I heard this one Thursday on my way to work on the radio and I knew it was Shawn Mendes but couldn’t find the song anywhere which on that Friday it came on Spotify and I’ve listened to it multiple times on a daily basis I just love it.
 Common Emotion – Rudimental ft MNEK (The Golden Pony Remix) : This song is another I kind of found because of Spotify which I loved the original of this song but this remix just puts me in such a good mood it’s amazing!
  No More Sad Songs – Little Mix Ft MGK : I’m not a little mix fan that much if I’m honest but this song is such a catchy song and I just catch myself singing it when I’m at work.

  Hot Hits UK – This playlist is always one I go to when I’m not sure what mood I’m in as my music taste kind of changes depending on my mood but I enjoy listening to this as it has a mixture of everything and it’s lovely to listen to a bit of everything.
  This is House – This playlist is one of my favourites on Spotify and I love listening to it every week to see what has been added as I’m sure it updates every week with new songs.
  This is : Shawn Mendes – I previously said I’m slowly starting to like Shawn Mendes and this playlist is such a good one as it has most of his songs are on this playlist so it’s nice to just have a playlist of all his songs in one place.

  Lost in Love – Mike Hough:This is an album I adored a few years back but even now I still listen to this album and love every song still, I recently re-found this on Spotify and forgot how much I love it.
  Dangerous Women – Ariana Grande: I’ve always loved Ariana Grande as a female artist and this album is just one of those I love to listen to when I need a pick me up.
  Following My Intuition – Craig David: This album has such good memories for me as it was one of the first albums I bought for my car when I first got it so every time I listen to this album I just end up in such a good mood and in the summer months I know I will have this on repeat.
What’s your current music favourites?

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