Friday, 26 May 2017

Make-up Revolution Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So this week’s beauty post is going to be what I bought from Make-up Revolution in the last month or so which if you have used any of these products let me know your thoughts.
  I did a big haul as I was running out on certain things and wanted to try a few things out which I had seen on YouTube so I decided when payday came round to make an order and treat myself to a bit of make-up as I don’t buy make-up like I used to simply because I’m more into fashion now. I’m currently testing new things with photography and I do like these photo’s but I’m still learning and hope to get my photography like I want it by the end of this year (Hopefully!)
  First of all let’s talk about the two palettes I picked up from the “I <3 Makeup” range which I love the eye shadow palettes from this range so I decided to pick up two more to try out. I decided to go for the I <3 Chocolate Vice which is the one with the black packaging which this one is more of an everyday palette for me if I’m honest and thought this would be perfect for work to keep alternating my palettes. The other one which I picked up was the I <3 Chocolate and Peaches palette which this is supposed to be a dupe for the Too Faced peach palette so I thought I would give this a go. This is one of those palettes I will probably use on the occasions where I want to experiment with make-up.
  Next up are the two smaller palette’s I picked up which I mainly picked these up so I can add these into my bag as they are so small and compact but also the packaging on these are lovely. I picked up the I <3 Make-up Bronze & Glow which is kind of identical to the Sleek contour and highlighter which everyone used to love but I feel this highlighter is a lot more pigmented so I love this one. As for the other one I picked up the I <3 Make-up Light & Glow which is a blush and highlighter combo which I don’t know why I picked this up as I don’t wear pink blush but again the highlighter is lovely. Also the packaging is kind of a dupe for the Kylie Cosmetic ones if you can see the print on the products themselves which I thought this was a lovely touch.
  Onto the two bronzers I decided to pick up and I have to say I love both of these products and highly recommend them. First up is the I <3 Make-up Go Bronzer in the shade Chocolate Heaven which I love how big this actually is and it will definitely last me a long time as you don’t need to use too much as it’s very pigmented but also the bronzer has love hearts like in the bronzer if you can see that? But I thought that was a lovely touch. The next bronzer is the Freedom Make-up Bronzed Professional Pro in the shade Warm Lights and I use this to contour with and I just use all three shades and it’s the perfect contour shade for my pale skin.

The next three products were more of a essentials order as I needed a new concealer as mine was slowly running out so I picked up the Freedom Pro Conceal and Correct in Light which this is a lot more yellow toned as I expected but it does the job at concealing my breakouts. The next product is the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade in Chocolate which again I was running out of my Nyx one and decided to give this a try which I'm still waiting for my Nyx one to run out before I can give this one  a go but the colour is the perfect shade for me. I actually got sent a lip liner for free with my order but since taking these pictures this has actually gone missing so I'm not sure what the shade is etc but I'm hoping to find this again soon so I can actually give it a go.
  Lastly in my little haul is the highlighter which I was so excited to give it a try which this is the Make-up Revolution Skin Kiss in Ice Kiss which I saw this on YouTube and knew I needed to give it a go as I'm getting into highlighters now so when I was ordering I decided to pick this up and I honestly love this highlighter, It's more of a white toned highlighter but I honestly love it. The highlighter is huge so it will definitely last for such a long time and the packaging is also lovely and the mirror is the perfect size... As you can tell I really love this highlighter.
Have you bought anything from Make-up Revolution recently?


  1. Those highlighters look amazing, I might just have to get some for myself! I am so impressed with your blog too by the way, you are doing an amazing job with it! x

    1. The highlighters are amazing I use them on a daily basis! and Thankyou so much that means so much to me as I'm trying my hardest to improve! :)
      Thanks for reading!xo