Wednesday, 10 May 2017

May Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s that time of the month where I sit down and talk about the goals I have for the next month, I will say I’m doing this a little later than planned as I just haven’t had time recently with work ect to sit down and get these photos and posts sorted so apologies!
  Let’s start this off by explaining if I achieved my April goals or not which April was actually such a great month for me which was lovely but my first goal was to take time for my hobbies which I think this is why I have enjoyed this month as much as I have as I kind of spent this month just doing things I wanted to do rather than sticking to my routine of blogging after work etc so I definitely achieved this one as I spent this month watching Netflix, reading my book and keeping on top of my YouTube subscription box. The next goal was to say yes to more opportunities which this was more of a general one as I kind of say no to most things if I’m out of my comfort zone but I started saying yes more this month and it felt so good. My next goal was to try be more confident this month and towards the end of the month I felt myself again which was such a good way to end a good month. My last two goals were my more important goals I guess you could say which one of them was to have more family time as I kind of felt like I hadn’t spent time with my family much so this month I tried to spend my evenings and things like that watching films with the family which was nice. My final goal for April was to start saving again, This year has been a bit of a strange one but this month I was in a good position to put some savings away which is good.

Here’s to my May goals;
  Driving Confidence – This month I want to get my confidence back when it comes to driving as I kind of took a break from driving when I started my new job but we’ve moved closer to my house now so I can start driving again so I just want to get my confidence back.
  Get My Blog Mojo Back – Last month I kind of lost my mojo when it came to my blog as I had kind of lost inspiration but I also think last month I was concentrating on more of my personal life and work life but this month I want to get back into writing posts and getting back in front with scheduling but I also bought new props for my photography to try improve that too.
  Try Not Be So Hard On Myself – This month I want to try and be less hard on myself as I feel I put pressure on myself quite a lot each month, In the month of May I want to try and be easier on myself when it comes to blogging or having a night off and things like that but also with my driving and things like that as I know I doubt myself quite a lot too.
  Take Time Out – This kind of goes hand in hand with the above goal but I’m wanting to actually have nights off this month to have date night or just have a relaxing evening as I know most of the month I try keep on top of everything but sometimes you just need a break.
  Get Ready For June – June is a big month as it’s my 21st but it’s also when my car insurance needs renewing, My breakdown cover needs renewing and it’s also time for my MOT on my car so it’s definitely going to be an expensive month so in May I need to prepare myself financially aswell as mentally as I only passed my test last year so I’ve never actually renewed car insurance, breakdown cover or road tax so wish me luck but I have found a quote for my car insurance which is £100 a month which is so much cheaper but also MOT wise I have no idea if there’s anything wrong with my car but I’m really hoping not but with it also been my 21st I do want to treat myself to a few things.
What’s your goals for May?

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